Uninterruptible power supplies for PCs

The NeTYS range of uninterruptible power supplies from Socomec Sicon includes a model that enables a server to shut down PCs on a network and enable individual PCs to perform a controlled shutdown.
Socomec Sicon UPS has launched a range of uninterruptible power supplies for use with PCs. NeTYS units provide single-phase backup, with a host of special features — depending on the model. The most sophisticated unit in the range is the NeTYS PR. It is available with outputs of 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 kVA and has a slot for NetVision professional shutdown software, enabling it to shut down up to 1600 PCs on a network. A suitable power supply for the PCs on such a network is the NeTYS PE, offered with outputs of 400 VA. It can provide up to 8 min of backup until the server or user shuts down the connected PC. Most models provide four battery-protected sockets and one surge-protected socket direct from the mains. For stand-alone operation, other NeTYS models have USB connectivity so that the UPS can tell the computer it is on standby power, enabling the PC to shut down automatically. This is made possible using the company’s UniVision software for Windows, which can be downloaded free of charge from the web site.
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