Condensate lifting stations

Grundfos Pumps, condensation, condensate

Grundfos’s ConLift range of pre-assembled lifting stations offer a solution for handling condensate from dehumidifiers, air-conditioning systems and condensing boilers. There are three models — and entry-level ConLift1 LS, the ConLift2 and ConLift3.

The ConLift1 LS has fewer features than the other models, but is still easy to install, quiet in operation and has superior reliability.

ConLift units can be connected to the pressure-relief valve of a domestic boilers, being capable of handling inflows at up to 90°C for up to five minutes. All models have been tested and confirmed suitable for connecting to the discharge from a domestic condensing boiler of less than 40 kW.

The motor/pump unit can turn 180° on the tank, increasing the flexibility of installation. Four symmetric well-sized inlets enable the unit to be connected from any direction. Units can be installed on the floor or on a wall.

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