Chillers designed for long life and low maintenance

Tricool’s TRE range of process chillers has been designed for longer life, reduced maintenance and the ability to perform in variable water conditions without compromising performance or specification. Martin Storey, the company’s sales director, explains, ‘Depending on the application and the quality of water, some commercial chillers may have an average life expectancy of five to six years due to the use of dissimilar metals in evaporator construction. Replacing corroded evaporators is costly, but the TRE range has been specifically designed to help combat corrosion.’ The design uses an aluminium-free shell-and-tube evaporator that is insensitive to electrolysis and a removable end housing that provides easy access for cleaning and maintenance. The latter enables easy access so that any build-up can be flushed away. Another key design feature is the use of cast-iron pumps. They are self lubricating and can be turned off when required without seizing up, unlike stainless steel. The TRE range is based on a standard design with 15 variants offering cooling capacities from 3 to 170 kW.
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