Pre-insulated pipework carries chilled and hot water in new building

Published:  04 January, 2017

Georg Fischer, George Fischer
Photo: Chris Pearsall Photography

The Cool-Fit 2.0 pre-insulated piping system from GF Piping Systems has been installed in the new premises of Cambridge University’s International Assessment Group, The Triangle, to carry chilled water and low-temperature hot water around the 5-storey building. It has been installed in diameters from 32 to 140 mm in a contract worth over £400 000.

The project’s designers were looking for a innovative and economic solution for distributing the chilled water and hot water at 30°C for the office spaces and ancillary spaces.

Cool-Fit 2.2 comprises factory-insulated polyethylene pipe encased in an HDPE or stainless-steel outer pipe with integral insulation.

The pipework was installed by Allied Mechanical Services.

The main pipe runs were assembled as 375 separate modular units, each 6 m long and suspended from racks anchored to the structural soffits.

The modules are light in weight and were designed in a very different manner to traditional modules as there would be no need to support a heavy dry load and the overall wet weight would also be less.

Project manager Tony Buckley explains, ‘Because Cool-Fit 2.0 was just being launched to the market when the project was being specified, we made a joint technical presentation with George Fischer to the client and their consultants to explain the benefits.

‘We have pre-built all the pipework and electrical containment into the separate modules before suspending them from the soffit, and the chilled beams are fed off these.’

The buildings in phase one are due to be handed over in June 2017.

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