The fast-track route to commissioning fan-coil units

A major contribution to reducing the installation and commissioning time for the fan-coil-unit air-conditioning system in this building near Tower Bridge was made by using SAV commissioning modules.
SAV’s commissioning modules are playing a key role in the installation of an air-conditioning system comprising over 400 fan-coil units in the City of London. Bridge House comprises seven floors of prime office space and is a development by Credit Suisse. All seven storeys above ground level are served by 4-pipe FCUs with hot and chilled water supplied by a roof-mounted boiler and packaged chiller plant. These FCUs are linked to 172 commissioning modules by flexible, plastic-coated pipework in groups of three to five. By breaking the system down into self-contained groups, each served by a smaller actuator and with a differential-pressure control valve in each commissioning module, energy-efficient operation is achieved and capital cost reduced. All the modules were delivered in the same week and first-fix installation completed in a few days. The second team could then begin their work on the flexible pipework. Commissioning was also much faster, with all the FCUs connected to a module balanced from that point. Ove Arup was M&E consultant, and Axima was responsible for the fit-out of the fan-coil system.

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