Boilers offer two return connections for different temperatures

Two return connections on the Ultramax SB range of boilers from MHS Boilers provide for condensing and non-condensing operation.
There are two return connections on the Ultramax SB range of boilers from MHS Boilers. One connection enters the condensing heat exchanger, and the other is at a temperature above the dewpoint temperature of flue gases. There are 10 models, offering outputs from 300 to 1000 kW, modulating down to 25% of full output. A key to the low emissions of these boilers is the downward-firing, water-cooled, pre-mix burners. Water cooling reduces the combustion temperature from 1500°C to 1200 to 1300 °C. NOx emissions are 14 to 17 ppm (25 to 30 mg/kWh). There is a comprehensive range of control options, including weather compensation. One control option provides weather compensation for two separate heating circuits. A boiler cascade manager can link up to eight boilers.
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