Improved slot diffusers at a lower price

The slot diffuser that bends — Gilberts has improved the specification of its slot diffusers and reduced the price.
Gilberts has relaunched its popular GSD range of diffusers with an improved specification at a lower price. The GSL series of high-style linear slot diffusers has an air-deflection blade and prices that are at least 7.5% less than the GSD range. The main feature of the new design is a plastic directional-control blade that allows the range of two to eight slots to be supplied in curved segments. This is achieved through natural blade flexibility or by trimming it to smaller sections so that the blade can follow the continuous curve of the diffuser body. Curved sections can be active over their whole lengths. Standard designs have a 27 mm flange border with end flanges or optional end caps. The new series has a white powder-coated face with matt-black blades and is available in lengths up to 2 m. Sections can be joined almost invisibly, and there is a range of purpose-built plenum boxes.
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