Sales success for energy-efficient valve

Danfoss reports high levels of sales for a recently introduced valve for balancing and controlling heating and cooling units such as fan-coils, chilled ceilings and air-handling units. The AB-QM dual-purpose valve can be used as an automatic flow limiter or, when fitted with an actuator, as a combined flow limiter and temperature-control valves. When a valve is used solely as an automatic flow limiter, simply turning its presetting scale to the desired flow rate ensures that the maximum flow rate is not exceeded. Alternatively, fitting a thermal-wax or electric actuator enables a valve to provide both temperature control and automatic flow balancing. An internal diaphragm creates a pressure-independent zone, ensuring flow is not affected by other factors. Constant, low differential pressure across the setting cone enables the use of actuators with low closing forces to be used. These valves are available in sizes from 10 to 32 mm, with or without test nipples. They can handle flows from 55 to 320 l/h.
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