Marketing with MBS

At Modern Building Services we know that marketing managers in our sector are looking for multiple options for their budgets. To help you achieve the results you’re looking for, we have developed a portfolio of products that includes print, digital and online options.

Our marketing tools offer you a range of methods for reaching our audience

* 23, 726 (ABC) magazine readers

* over 150,000 website visitors

* and over 18,000 email recipients

MBS and its related products enable you to run an entire marketing campaign for the building services sector through a single, trusted and well-known media outlet. Options for your marketing include:

Advertising – the traditional and tested route to market with a number of options on sizes and placements.

Sponsored content – ideal for demonstrating thought-leadership, our sponsored items include

*Inside Out – demonstrate your product/service and all its benefits in a unique editorial context.

* Round table discussion – work with our editorial team to jointly host a discussion on a relevant hot topic

* White papers/Guides – our editorial team will work with you to produce unique content that we can design, print and promote with you (depending on your requirements). This provides you with evergreen content that works across print and digital – and is ideal for promoting via social media.

Email newsletters – reach over 18,000 of our readers via emails straight to their inbox.

* MBS eFocus – a solus email that carries only your message, branded with the MBS eFocus logo so that our readers know it’s from a familiar and trusted source.

* MBS Insider – our bi-monthly email from the editor’s desk direct to readers. Options are available for banners and buttons.

Video – the internet’s most popular medium comes to building services. Work with MBStv to promote your video content to the right people

* MBStv – we host and run your video content on our unique, dedicated building services video channel.

* MBStv Insights – work with our specialist new media team to create an editorial video with interviews, cut aways and branding. This goes further than the average corporate video to incorporate editorial insights that support your brand.

To learn more about how MBS can help promote your brand to your potential customers, get in touch with our Publishing Director Charles Keel : 01438 759 000 or email

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