New CPA group defines agenda for LZC housing

If the UK’s house-building aims are to be achieved by 2016, experts from across the construction industry must work together now to share experience, innovation and best practice and expand the collective knowledge essential to deliver the Government’s carbon-saving objectives. That was the message presented to the low- and zero-carbon buildings group of the Construction Products Association by its chairman Neil Schofield, who is head of sustainable development at Worcester Bosch. The group brings together over 50 experts from across the industry. Neil Schofield says, ‘This group has been formed to support the move to zero-carbon buildings and mass-market zero-carbon housing, which will only happen if the industry works in an integrated manner. ‘With people from all parts of the industry, it is clear that there is not only interest but also a wealth of expertise that needs a focal point to allow the exchange of knowledge and experience. ‘Successful delivery of 200 000 zero-carbon homes a year from 2016 onwards will need integrated working, and this group has a crucial role to play in achieving this.’ Speaking after the meeting, John Tebbit, industry affairs director for the CPA, said, ‘Zero-carbon homes are possible now — indeed, a few were built 10 years ago — but the trade-offs in terms of cost or lifestyle still make them a niche product. We have to make them mainstream by 2016. Industry can deliver if Government sets the targets, supports where necessary and refrains from micro-managing and gesture politics over the next nine years.’ The group’s next meeting will focus on fabric, glazing, ventilation and PassivHaus technologies.
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