Mains-water humidifier is cheaper to run and own

Lower-cost humidification — the Condair SH2 humidifier from Axair Climate.
The Condair SH2 humidifier from Axair Climate offers low energy consumption and low cost of ownership in HVAC systems in offices, industrial and residential premises. The patented humidifier box is said to achieve more efficient humidification than existing systems. It uses flame-resistant polyester mats with a V-shaped profile that intensifies air-to-water exchange. Using synthetic mats in this way eliminates health risks and provides more durability and longer life than cellulose mats. The SH2 is available in two configurations: 'Flow', with direct water drain, and 'ReFlow, with circulation pump and drain valve. These units can use untreated tap water, so there is no need for additional water treatment — reducing cost of ownership. They are also designed for fast servicing, with easy access to all parts. They require a single-phase mains supply
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