Air-handling units designed for energy efficiency

Heat recovery is a standard feature of Carrier’s Airosmart air-handling units.
Heat recovery is a standard feature of Carrier’s Airosmart range of air-handling units — even for the smallest units. Airflows range from 0.2 to 4.2 m3/s. For airflows up to 1.3 m3/s, a counterflow plate heat exchanger is used to recover up to 90% of energy. For airflows above 1.7 m3/s, a thermal wheel is used as standard. A sorption rotor is also offered to recover both latent and sensible heat. Airosmart units can be supplied with a complete bypass circuit to enable outside air to provide free cooling. They have controllable brushless DC or EC motors, which use less energy than asynchronous motors, especially at lower speeds.
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