Air conditioning is for real in driving simulator cab

While people in this specialised movement cab at the Leeds Advanced Driving Simulator Centre are subject to physical abuse, the inside of the cab is kept cool by a Toshiba digital inverter split air-conditioning system.
One of the most unusual installations carried out by CDL, a Toshiba distributor, is in a driving simulator cab at the Leeds Advanced Driving Simulator Centre at the University of Leeds. It involves a single ducted Toshiba digital inverter split system and will make experimental conditions tolerable in the new specialised movement cab of the simulator. The new simulator provides eight degrees of freedom of motion. Lateral accelerations are simulated by sliding the whole vehicle cab and dome configuration along a railed gantry. Similarly, the whole gantry slides along tracks to create longitudinal acceleration cues. The 10 m-long rails and tracks allow 5 m of travel in each direction. The project claims a high degree of accuracy in reproducing actual road-surface travel conditions, with bumps and bends testing the driver effectively during important experiments.
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