New timetable for energy certificates

The timetable for bringing in energy performance certificates (EPCs) for buildings has been delayed. The Department for Communities & Local Government has set a starting date for new buildings from April 2008, with certificates for buildings being sold or rented phased in between April and October. Display certificates for public buildings will be required from October 2008. From 6 April 2008, EPCs will be required on construction for all dwellings and for the construction, sale or rent of other buildings with a floor area of over 10 000 m2. From 1 July, EPCs will be required for the construction, sale or rent of buildings other than dwellings with a floor area exceeding 2500 m2. The final date is 1 October, with EPCs required on the sale or rent of all remaining dwellings and the construction, sale or rent of all remaining buildings other than dwellings. Display certificates will also be required for all public buildings of over 1000 m2.

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Wellbeing and building services

Building services have a significant part to play in improving the wellbeing of occupants in offices. 

Part 2: Holding onto specifications

Alan Jamieson discusses how to keep specifications intact from the design to the completion, a common challenge in M&E engineering.