Pressure-reducing valve in stainless steel

Honeywell now offers a compact pressure-reducing valve in stainless steel.
A stainless-steel version of Honeywell’s D06 compact pressure-reducing valve is now available. The original bronze version has sold over 15 million units. Maintaining a constant ideal pressure, irrespective of supply pressure and height, protects water installations against high supply pressures, so reducing leaks and corrosion. Maintaining lower pressures also reduces water consumption, reduces splashing at hand basins and minimises flow noise. These valves can also regulate water pressure on the individual floors of multi-storey buildings. They are available in a choice of connections from DN15 to DN50. Output can be set at any pressure from 1.5 to 6 bar. These valves have built-in filters and a stainless-steel filter bowl for easy in-line maintenance. Maximum service temperature is 70°C.
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