Crabtree anti-microbial accessories are tested in a hospital

The effectiveness of Crabtree electrical accessories treated with an anti-microbial technology at preventing the accumulation of bacteria has been tested in a hospital.
Trials of Crabtree’s range of anti-microbial electrical switches and socket outlets have shown the technology to be exceptionally effective. These Crabtree accessories contain silver, a natural anti-microbial agent that is effective against bacteria, mould and fungi. The trial was carried out in two out-patient wards of the Heart of England NHS Foundation. One contained furniture and equipment treated with BioCote technology, including Crabtree electrical accessories. The other ward contained standard, untreated items. Results showed that the ward with protect products had 95.8 fewer bacteria than the other ward. During the manufacture of these electrical accessories, Crabtree uses a silver additive developed by BioCote. Once impregnated with the silver-ion technology, the accessories maintain an active concentration of ions on the surface for the life expectancy of the product.
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