ACE calls for engineering disciplines to be added to skills-shortages list

The Association for Consultancy & Engineering has continued its drive to have more engineering disciplines included on the Government’s list of professions suffering from skills shortages. In discussions with the Border & Immigration Agency, ACE highlighted civil, structural, building-services, mechanical and electrical engineering as specialisms in which the UK is lacking personnel and for which work-permit regulations should be lowered for engineers from outside the EU. ACE’s chief executive Nelson Ogunshakin, says, ‘As a follow on from ACE’s recent “Skills shortages and recruitment agency behaviours” investigation, we are in ongoing discussions with and have made our concerns known to the Border & Immigration Agency. We understand that this is not the only solution to the problem, but it is at least part of the solution and will ensure the short-term viability of consultancy and engineering firms, who base their entire value on the quality of their staff.’
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