TridonicAtco launches a new xitec processor

Improved management of lamps and lighting — TridonicAtco’s xitec processor.
The xitec processor from TridonicAtco is the latest in a line of intelligent ballasts to follow the successful ASIC generations. It is based on two decades of technology and knowledge producing dimmable and non-dimmable ballasts and offers sophisticated functionality for lamp and lighting management. Features include ‘smart’ heating to disconnect electrode preheating for fluorescent lamps to ensure they operate in accordance with specifications, with optimum energy efficiency and constant luminous flux. Preventive monitoring features such as intelligent temperature guard and intelligent voltage guard prevent damage to protect installers and users by checking the temperature and voltage of the ballasts, whilst ensuring that they are operating correctly. Xitec technology provides an excellent basis for energy efficiency and sustainability because it interacts effectively with external control components. For example, energy efficiency is further boosted by lower power loss in the xitec versions for the PC Pro ballasts. With DALI, instead of just the 161 standard components, units with xitec technology have 30% more application-specific DALI commands. The protocol structure has been extended to three bytes, providing the benefits of application-specific programming, comprehensive fault reporting and multi-lamp operation of T5 fluorescent lamps of the same length.
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