Apartments and houses meet community heating

The combi ‘boiler’ that can be connected to a community-heating system — Alfa Laval’s City community-heating substation.
Alfa Laval’s City community-heating substation is designed to provide on-demand heating and hot water for apartments and single-family houses connected to a community-heating network. There are two versions to provide direct or indirect connection to the network. The directed version is suited to low-pressure community-heating systems and provides heating direct from the main circuit to the apartment. Domestic hot water is heated indirectly via a high-efficiency compact heat exchanger. In the indirect version, heat exchangers provide indirect heating of DHW and space heating. For ease of installation, wiring is factory installed and tested, and plumbing connections are located to enable top or bottom connection. It can be installed on a wall or in a cupboard and is said to require less space than traditional substations or individual domestic boilers. It can be connected to underfloor heating systems through control equipment designed for this purposes. The City substation provides fully automatic individual temperature settings for heating and hot water. Once the desired temperature has been set, the system automatically regulates itself. The energy supplier or building manager can monitor the energy drawn by a substation using a system that records the flow of heat from a central source.
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