Turbocor centrifugal compressor demonstrates its capabilities in chiller replacement project

Part-load COPs of up to 11 have been achieved by this installation of ICS chillers using Turbocor compressors.
Operational monitoring of an installation of three ICS TECS 300 kW chillers using Turbocor compressors has shown significantly higher COPs than would have been expected from standard chillers. These water-cooled chillers use R134a and achieved a COP of eight. At part load, a COP of 11 was achieved. This project involved the replacement of existing plant for a customer looking to reduce energy consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide. Three chillers, each with a cooling capacity of 300 kW, were installed. The distinctive feature of these chillers is the use of centrifugal compressors equipped with a turbine having magnetic bearings and digital control of the speed of the impeller. These oil-free compressors are five times lighter and half the size of a screw compressor with the same capacity. They also have a very low start current, just 5 A.
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