Diffusers offers totally flexible air distribution

Complete control over air distribution — the MN diffuser from Gilberts of Blackpool.
Multiple airflow patterns can be achieved using the MN diffuser from Gilberts of Blackpool. These diffusers provide swirl, vertical and up to 4-way air-distribution patterns. Such flexibility is achieved using a specially designed nozzle that provides a high induction effect in every pattern and speeds up mixing with room air. The plastic nozzles are pushed into a steel fascia plate, where they click into position and can easily be rotated through 360°. A simple iris, quadrant or cord-operated damper controls the volume. The 85 nozzles in the largest of the four sizes deliver 360 l/s. The smallest model has 25 nozzles and can deliver 35 l/s. The panels can be integrated into almost all horizontal or vertical ceiling grids.
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