Water filter is designed to avoid clogging


Kamco has introduced a new generation of water filter to remove suspended matter from water supplies. Cyclone filters remove rust, scale, sand and earth particles larger than 90 µm.

The green tinted bowl allows easy visual monitoring of collected debris, which can be flushed away by rotating a knob at the base of the unit — without having to dismantle and wash it.

A rotating inlet connector enables Cyclone to be installed in horizontal or vertical pipework. No power supply is required.

To prevent larger particles clogging the filter, a diverter plate guides water into the filter chamber tangentially, creating a whirlpool effect so the centrifugal force separates heavier particles from the main water flow. These particles sink to the base of the filter chamber, where there is sufficient space to accumulate without covering and clogging the main cartridge.

Models are available to handle up to 8 m3/h of water at up to 10 bar.

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