Marflow cuts commissioning time for hydronic systems


Marflow Hydronics’ single-station balancing (SSB) methodology provides a fast and effective approach to balancing variable-flow fan-coil and chilled-beam systems. It is an accurate alternative to proportional balancing, which is not suitable for variable-volume systems.

Used with manifold systems fitted with pressure-independent valves, SSB uses a ‘subtraction’ technique to identify problem valves. It is based on knowing the design flow rate for each valve and, hence, the total flow rate for a group of FCUs or chilled beams.

Isolating a correctly functioning valve will have a predictable effect on the total flow for the remaining valves. An unexpected result indicates a problem.

To identify problem circuits with conventional proportional balancing, the entire system has first to be balanced. When problems have been resolved, the entire system has to be balanced again — a lengthy process that can affect the whole construction schedule.

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