Secure controller prevents abuse of water in at-risk applications

The control of water to sinks, showers and WC pans for secure applications such as mental-health units and police holding cells can be provided by an integrated system developed by Douglas Delabie. A control box serves four stations , such as hot and cold supplies to wash basins and/or showers and WC pans. It is operated by touch-pad controls and has an integral transformer to step down the mains to 12 V.

The control box has quick-fit electrical connections (with security retaining clips) to the touchpad controllers and 12 V solenoid valves. It is supplied with 4 m-long electrical cables.

Separate timings can be provided for each channel.

For high-risk applications, the controller has an optional lock-out facility to prevent deliberate abuse in police and high-security holding cells. For example, a solenoid valve can be locked out for 30 min if its touch pad is operated too often in a short period of time. After a pre-set period, the valve can be enabled again.

These controllers can also be used to prevent deliberate abuse in other buildings — such as schools, colleges, bus and rail stations.

A brochure on the product is available.

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