Ventilation louvre can supply preheated air

Passivent, ventilation, louvre Aircool

Passivent now offers a version of its controlled Aircool ventilation louvre with an integrated heating coil that can be connected to a building’s wet heating system. Called Thermal Aircool, it warms air being drawn from outside to avoid draughts and reduce the load on the rest of the heating system.

An off-coil sensor within the unit monitors the temperature inside and out to provide accurate control of the supply air temperature.

Wayne Aston, Passivent’s technical director, explains, ‘The Thermal Aircool is primarily aimed at low-level ventilation, as at high level the cooler fresh air is mixed with the warmer internal air before it comes into contact with the occupants.’

Aircool units are installed in the facade, either through a wall or window, to provide controlled fresh-air intake or extract as part of a natural-ventilation system. Only 1 W of electricity is required to attenuate the ventilation louvres

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