Armstrong control package maximises pump efficiency

Armstorng, pumps, variable speed control, inverter control

Armstrong has announced the launch of 10 low-carbon solutions under its ECO:nomics brand. The first is the IPS controller for multi-zone, multi-pump HVAC heating and chilled-water systems. Energy savings of up to 47.5% can be achieved (compared to a constant-speed, constant-volume system) by using IPS advanced control technology in systems incorporating pumps with variable-speed drives.

The IPS controller processes field signals to determine the sequencing of any optimal duty point of any pump. Pumps are controlled on a ‘best-efficiency’ basis and utilise ‘wire-to-water efficiency’ control to optimise the energy consumption of all system components at all times.

Other benefits include a more comfortable environment and a longer operational life with fewer maintenance requirements.

These systems are pre-engineered, rather than bespoke, to provide a reliable and proven system at an economic price. The IPS controller can be supplied as a standalone control product or as part of a fully integrated preassembled pump and controls package.

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