Hoval launches larger BioLyt wood-pellet boiler

Hoval’s BioLyt wood-pellet boilers now have outputs up to 160 kW.

Hoval has extended its BioLyt range of wood-pellet biomass boilers with the introduction of a 160 kW version. The range now includes sizes from 50 to 150 kW, offering up to 95% efficiency. Automated controls make them as easy to use as gas or oil boilers.

The rate at which pellets are delivered from the store to the boiler is adjusted according to heating requirements. BioLyt boilers switch off when heat is not needed and reignite when the demand for heat is restored.

These boilers have self-cleaning heating surfaces to avoid soot deposits and maintain heat-exchange effici­ency. Similarly, most of the ash from combustion is removed automatically.

All BioLyt boilers are fitted with Hoval’s TopTronic T control system and are compatible with Hoval’s CF ceramic filter, which can remove up to 96% of particulate emissions down to 2.5 µm diameter (PM2.5), which exceeds the requirements of current and anticipated legislation.

2 kg of wood pellets produced to international standards generate as much heat as a litre of fuel oil.

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