Air-handling units deliver total enthalpy recovery

12 large air-handling units with total enthalpy control energy-recovery wheels are part of a substantial contract awarded to Flakt Woods to provide the ventilation services for the new £200 million headquarters of the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. Each unit will deliver 18.5 m3/s of air.

The EQRS total-enthalpy wheels exchange sensible and latent heat between incoming and outgoing air with a total efficiency of up to 90%.

The building is on the edge of the current hospital site on the Cambridge Biomedial Campus. It consists of two kinked laboratory blocks joined by an atrium in a shape resembling a chromosome. There will be 27 000 m2 of air-conditioned space on three main floors. This is the first major project in the UK to use Flakt’s TE3 wheel, which includes the 30 nm molecular-sieve technology.

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