Ductwork organisations urge supply chain to continue information-overload campaign

ADCAS, information overload

ADCAS, the Association of Ductwork Contractors & Allied Services, and the HVCA Ductwork Group have declared the culmination of their joint campaign to tackle the problem of information overload in the construction chain. Paul Adlam, who chaired the ADCAS working party on information overload, says, ‘This is a difficult and complex issue, but I think that as specialist firms working at the tail end of the supply chain we did as much as we could to bring the issue out into the open. We are not backing away from it now. Rather, we are challenging others across the supply chain to pick up our ball and run with it.’

Launched two years ago, the campaign was a response to the irresponsible practice of ‘dumping’ large amounts of irrelevant and unfinished project information down the supply chain.

The ADCAS/HVCA campaign has led to the Government’s chief construction adviser, Paul Morrell, undertaking to include it in his strategy for industry reform.

Information overload has been recognised as a major contributor to the estimated £5 billion wasted each year in the tendering process in the construction industry and as a symptom of the fragmentation that undermines the efficiency of project supply chains.

Research carried out by industry consultants Judy Payne and David Churcher in connection with the campaign found that 72% of respondents believe that tendering is more difficult than it was five years ago and that 67% were routinely provided with all the contract information, even when tendering for one small part of a project.

Significantly, 70% of responses came from main contractors, which clearly identify this issue as a major impediment to the efficient delivery of projects

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