Cost favours new smoke and fire dampers

fire damper
To reduce prices, Gilberts of Blackpool has re-engineered its smoke and fire dampers.
By re-engineering its range of fire and smoke dampers, Gilberts of Blackpool has significantly reduced the cost, without compromising quality. Models in the Ductgard range of multi-blade smoke and fire dampers are at least 15% cheaper than those they replace. The new dampers can be installed in all types of square, rectangular, circular and oval ductwork. There are 10 choices of control mode, including eight automatic motorised versions. with the motor fitted directly to the damper body. All units have a galvanised casing with stainless-steel interlocking blades and frame side seals. Standard sizes range from 200 x 200 mm up to 1000 x 1000 mm in one module.

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