2010 December

SPX, water heater, district heating

SPX offers a new range of APV Compakva water heaters and district heating units for domestic water heating in social housing and commercial schemes.

Fujitsu, VRF air conditioning

FG Eurofred now offers a program for the selection and design of its Fujitsu J-series and V-II VRF air-conditioning systems. This program is a powerful design tool for selecting Fujitsu VRF equipment and will produce detailed schematic drawings and equipment schedules.

Polypipe Terrain, Polypress, pipework

Polypipe Terrain’s Polypress press-fit plumbing system has been re-accredited by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme, (WRAS). This is the second such approval of the Polypress system and signifies its continued suitability for use in potable-water systems.

Kestrel, air flow meter

The Kestrel 4200 Pocket Air Flow Meter has been designed specifically for HVAC applications.

Big Foot, mounting system, solar PV

Big Foot Solar Systems offer the complete non-penetrative mounting system for photovoltaic panels on a flat roof.

Comdronic, commissioning meter

The AC6 Commissioning Meter from Comdronic is compact, lightweight and user friendly. 0 to 250 kPa differential pressure range (600 kPa also available). Database of over 2600 valves and devices from 52 manufacturers.

3D BIM service

01 December, 2010

Cadeuro offers a 3D building-information-modelling service (BIM) using Revit MEP for use in energy-analysis programs such as IES. This service is in addition to the established 3D MEP services.

Shenton Group, Solar PV, renewable energy

Shenton Group has introduced a range of solar photo-voltaic solutions for industrial and commercial applications. The launch follows the introduction of the Feed in Tariff to guarantee a minimum payment for electricity generated from renewable sources and a separate payment for electricity exported to the grid.

ICS, Tricool Thermal, chiller

ICS and Tricool Thermal offer a solution to the replacement of chillers in basement plantrooms that are difficult to access, or other areas. Standard and bespoke chillers can be manufactured at ICS’s 4600 m2 facility in Southampton, tested and systematically broke down for transport and delivery. Once delivered to site, a chiller can be rebuilt in situ and retested.

Pegler Yorkshire, pipework, gas, press fit

Pegler Yorkshire has added larger sizes to its XPress range of press-fit copper gas fittings. They are now available in sizes from 15 to 108 mm and can be used for internal and external above-ground second and third family gas services.

An electronic psychrometric chart is available from Ideas Software that makes it possible to insert, evaluate and read all the transformations taking place during the air-handling phase. Results can be printed. The chart is available plain or customised with a company’s brand.

MK Electric, Echo, wireless control, EnOcean

MK Electric has extended its Echo range of self-powered switches with a combination switch receiver and repeater. The K5420R is designed mainly for installing in ceiling voids for wiring into the lighting circuit. It reduces the stock required to wire an installation because when installed and powered but not programmed with transmitters it will work as a repeater, so there is no need to stock separate repeaters.

Fujitsu, air conditioning, cassette

Fujitsu has introduced a new compact cassette for its popular range of multi outdoor units. It has nominal cooling/heating capacities of 2.7/3.3 kW. This cassette is 570 mm square and 245 mm deep, excluding the grille. It weighs just 15 kg and can be used with a range of outdoor units.

Integrated Environmental Solutions has developed an energy-modelling tool for LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design). It streamlines the process and increases productivity and accuracy. Many other global rating systems and regulations also reference the ASHRAE 90.1 performance rating method, and these tool helps users easily comply with them.

Smith's Environmental, heat pump, renewable energy

Smith’s Environmental has launched a central-heating system powered by a 4.5 kW air-source heat pump. The Ecolectric system is described as a cost-effective renewable-heating solution that combines fan-convector and heat-pump technology for maximum energy efficiency.

Tridium, Honeywell, Galaxy

Tridium Group has added a Honeywell Galaxy driver to its Niagara AX software, enabling it to interface with Honeywell’s complete range of Galaxy Dimension intruder detection panels. The driver provides 2-way communication for monitoring and control via RS232 or IP. There are two versions to suit sites with a single panel or larger sites with multiple panels; they can run on a JACE controller or an AX supervisor.

Daikin, Altherma, heat pump

Daikin has added smaller models to its Altherma monobloc range of air-to-water heat pumps. They have nominal capacities of 6 and 8 kW and provide a plug-and-go solution for applications where space is restricted and smaller capacities are required, such as social housing.

Gilberts, security fire damper

Gilberts’ GP series of perforated-face security grilles provides a solution for extract and transfer applications in high-security areas such as prisons, cell blocks and remand centres. This range of grilles is based on the preceding series and has been restyled and updated into a tougher yet still aesthetically pleasing unit. Advances in production methods and assembly make it 20% cheaper than its predecessor.

Fujitsu, air conditioning

The latest range of Fujitsu multi-split air-conditioning systems from FG Eurofred comprises a choice of two outdoor units and a new range of wall-mounted indoor units. The outdoor heat-pump units are AA rated with most combinations connected. Nominal capacities of size 14 units are 4.0 kW of cooling (EER 3.81) and 4.4 kW of heating (COP 4.31). The size 18 unit has a cooling capacity of 5.0 kW (EER 3.21) and 5.6 kW in heating mode (COP 4.18).

Legrand, electrical accessories, Part M

Legrand has expanded its Synergy range to include a selection of wiring accessories that provide style and choice for specifying within the constraints of Part M of the Building Regulations. This range has matt back plates and white interiors, addressing visibility requirements by providing a contrast between background colour, plate and device interior.

Cooper Lighting & Safety has introduced a new version of its popular Patriot bulkhead compact fluorescent luminaire in a choice of sizes and additional lamp options to complement its renowned vandal-resistant IP65 polycarbonate housing. These luminaires can be installed indoor or outdoors. They can be supplied with opal or prismatic polycarbonate diffusers and a gasket for life-long protection against the ingress of dust or water.

Aurora has introduced a GU10 replacement compact fluorescent lamp. The 11 W Luna lamp has a nano-brite coating on the reflector to achieve a light output of nearly 50 lm/W, giving an 80% energy saving over halogen. These new lamps are designed for ambient temperatures of 65°C, as found in fire-rated downlighters.

Osram, CFL

Osram now offers pin-based compact fluorescent lamps with an average life of 36 000 h to meet professional lighting requirements. The very long life of Dulux XT lamps considerably extends the maintenance cycle, leading to much lower lighting costs — particularly for luminaires that are difficult to access. Despite the long life, energy savings of 80% compared with traditional GLS lamps are achieved.

Menzies Energy Management now offers an automated meter-reading service to provide efficient and cost-effective support to commercial and industrial organisations as they move towards implementing automated meter reading, which becomes mandatory in some sectors in 201. This service includes water, gas and electricity and is based on a non-invasive data-capture device that does not require approval for fitment and eliminates the charge for utilising meter pulses that is levied by most utilities.

Mitsubishi Electric, VRF air conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric’s latest range of City Multi VRF controllers for air-handling units include a new size 500 unit that can be connected to much larger AHUs and increase the range to cooling capacities from 11 to 56 kW. The PAC-AH-M-J range also provides more precise control of air temperature for supply and return air systems as well as adding new control options and interfaces to enable connection to the company’s extensive range of VRF equipment.

Flir, infra-red survey, thermal imaging

With Winter being an ideal time for infra-red surveys of buildings because of the greater difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, Flir is offering an energy pack comprising a thermal camera and free complementary products to create a comprehensive kit — for an overall cost saving of £2520. The offers runs to 31 December 2010.

Star Refrigeration, heat pump,l DHW

Star Refrigeration has developed a heat-pump system that can generate chilled water for air-conditioning systems and ‘free’ domestic hot water at up to about 70°C. Called Envitherm, it uses carbon dioxide as the refrigerant and transcritical CO2 compression to produce high-grade heat that can raise the temperature of cold mains water to over 70°C in a single pass. Applications include buildings with a high demand for heating and hot water, such as hotels.

AO Smith, solar thermal, renewable energy, DHW, domestic hot water

A.O. Smith solar thermal systems for producing domestic hot water have a patented system to overcome the problem of stagnation in the panels. Mounted directly below the solar collector, the drain-back system avoids stagnation, when the heat-transfer fluid can overheat and start to break down. There is also no need to start the pump to get rid of excess heat when the demand for hot water is low, and no need to build in an oversized storage system to cope with excess heat.

Dimplex, domestic hot water, DHW, heat pump

The first supermarket to be built to PassivHaus standards in the British Isles includes a Dimplex ground-source heat pump that draws energy from refrigeration and cooling systems to supply domestic hot water. The Tesco store in Tramore, County Waterford, is built to very high levels of air tightness and insulation, so water heating is an important consideration in the overall performance of the building. Such buildings typically have an annual energy consumption less than 15 kWh/m2.

Douglas Delabie, TMV3, DHW, domestic hot water

The Securitherm cool-touch range of TMV3 shower valves from Douglas Delabie has been tested and certified by BuildCert to the NHS Model Engineering Specification D08/TMV3. The cool touch is achieved by passing the cold supply through an outer water channel before it is mixed with the incoming hot water. In addition, the water-supply inlets have thermally insulated covers. The shower temperature is factory set at 38°C and adjustable between 20 and 41°C.

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