2014 January

Faced with the high cost of running its oil-fired boilers and an £80 000 cost to install a gas main, Canons Brook Golf Club near Harlow has opted for a biomass installation. Ivor Marshall, chairman of the club, explains, ‘The costs to prepare and install a gas system made no financial sense, so we turned our attention to renewable sources.’

MHS Boilers, renewable energy, Solar thermal, boiler, space heating

MHS Boilers has supplied boilers and a solar-thermal system for the new Portway Lifestyle Centre in the West Midlands. There are four R607 floor-standing gas-fired boilers and 32 m2 of Auron DF evacuated-tube solar collectors, supplying heating and hot water for the entire complex — including a hydrotherapy pool, sports hall, gym and multi-purpose activity room.

Mikrofill, boiler,space heating

Effective heating and hot-water services have been restored at the St George’s Hotel on the sea front of Llandudno following the installation of Mikrofill wall-mounted condensing boilers and its hot-water loading systems. They new equipment replaces dated horizontal calorifiers and inefficient cast-iron boilers — all of which had long been in need of replacing.

Grundfos, condensate pump, boiler, space heating

Grundfos has added an entry-level model to its ConLift range of condensate units. While having fewer features than the other two models, it is reliable, easy to install and quiet in operation. All ConLift models can switch off the boiler if the overflow switch detects a high water level.

Solar Design Company, Flue, boiler, space heating

Flues play a key role in every boiler installation, with condensing boilers and biomass boilers posing particularly problems — as Chris Laughton explains.

Hamworthy Heating, cast iron, boiler, space heating

Cast-iron boilers have stood the test of time and evolved — and they continue to develop to provide effective solutions that can be integrated into existing heating systems — as Hamworthy Heating’s Liam Elmore explains.

Remeha Commercial has moved its distribution hub to a large new warehouse in the West Midlands. The 8500 m2 depot includes 3000 racking locations, floor-standing space for larger heating products and a separate area for storing spare parts. The sales and administrative headquarters will remain at Wokingham.

Mikrofill, boiler, space heating

As part of the CHP-based system and solar-thermal installation for updating heating and hot water at Rydale Swimming Pool in Pickering, Mikrofill has supplied boilers and energy-efficient hot-water cylinders.

Hamworthy Heating, boiler, space heating

Two Ensbury boilers from Hamworthy Heating have been installed to replacing existing boilers for a 19-storey residential building in Islington, London. They each have an output of 510 kW and will deliver heating for the 108 dwellings. They have matched Riello RS modulating burners using natural gas.

Dunphy, control, boiler, space heating

The DunphyDelta system provides for the remote monitoring of energy centres using standard web browsers on PCs, laptops, tablets of smart phones — without the need for new software, cabling, USBs or extra onsite servers. The log-in screen requires a password, and DunphyDelta uses end-to-end encryption of date and transit and secure cloud storage to protect information. The system has multiple-level redundancy across different geographic areas to prevent loss of data.

MHG Heating, boiler, space heating

MHG Heating’s ProCon MC wall-mounted gas-fired condensing boiler has an output of 115 kW with a turndown ratio of 4:1. They have Class 5 NOx emissions and net efficiencies of up to 108.3% at 30% load and 106.7% at full load.

Cascading control

06 January, 2014

Cascade heating systems comprising multiple boilers are ideal for adapting to changing heat loads and also supporting a biomass boiler without adversely affecting RHI payments — but only when they are controlled effectively. Kevin Stones of Hoval explains.

Rinnai, DHW, boiler, space heating

Rinnai has developed controls for its Infinity range of condensing gas-fired continuous-flow water heaters that are compatible with the popular forms of building-management systems used in buildings. The technology seamlessly integrates the company’s hot-water systems into BMS protocols to provide ultimate control and maximise energy efficiency in large buildings, including multi-tenanted sites.

Stokvis, heat interface unit, boiler, space heating

Stokvis Energy Systems has responded to the growing popularity of communal- and district-heating systems with the introduction of the H-Series Econoplate interface units. There is a choice of single and twin plate units to provide heating and hot-water services within dwellings such as apartments, student flats and sheltered-housing schemes.

Atag, cascade, rig, boiler, space heating

An installation rig for Atag Heating’s Q Series condensing boilers enables up to three boilers to be installed in cascade operation. The rig is only 1.5 m high and enables boilers to be installed in a variety of configurations. Q Series boilers modulate down to 16% of full output and are up to 109.3% efficient. These rigs offer outputs from 9 to 172 kW.

Fulton, DHW, boiler, space heating

Fulton’s FHE-250 modular hot-water boiler has an output of 250 kW and features a fully condensing stainless-steel heat exchanger. The modular design means that several boilers can be combined to suite any application and hot-water requirements.

Spirax, steam, boiler, space heating

Spirax EasiHeat engineered systems for delivering hot water and heating on demand have been enhanced to achieve energy savings of up to 20% compared to conventional steam-to-water heating systems. EasiHeat now features the Spirax Intelligent Monitoring system (SIMS) control and monitoring display technology that makes it easy to save energy and control critical applications.

Bosch Commercial & Industrial Heating, CHP, boiler, space heating

Adding CHP to the boiler mix

06 January, 2014

With a number of stakeholders looking at ways to enhance energy-efficiency levels, a systems alliance can often prove to be the most effective option. Pete Mills of Bosch Commercial & Industrial Heating, explains this concept and how adding a combined heat and power module to the ‘boiler mix’ can boost performance.

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The balance of choice

06 January, 2014

With the demand for pressure-independent balancing and control valves accelerating comes the need for comparing their performance and capabilities, as Stephen Hart of Frese explains.

Air systems, Parsloe, commissioning, balancing

Prompted by the requirements of the Building Regulations and changes in technology, BSRIA has prepared a new guide to commissioning air systems. Unsurprisingly, there is much that is new after an interval of 24 years. Chris Parsloe focuses on the main changes.

Marflow Hydronics, pressure independent control valve, PICV, commissioning, balancing

New guide to PICVs

06 January, 2014

Marflow Hydronics has published its ‘Definitive guide to pressure independent control valves’. The company specialises in balancing, controlling and metering water-distribution systems in the HVAC industry, and the guide aims to provide understanding and knowledge to help those using the company’s products.

Albion Valves, valve assemblies, commissioning, balancing

Albion Valves’ Monolink pre-assembled factory-tested valve arrangement brings together all the features required for a terminal end to meet a distribution pipe — including a strainer, bypass valve, balancing valve and drain cock. There is no need for assembly on site.

Marflow Hydronics, electronic balancing valve, commissioning, balancing

Marflow Hydronics’ Dynamx electronic pressure-independent flow-control valve for HVAC systems networks over the HVAC bus with room temperature controllers or sensors to achieve dynamic pressure-independent flow control in real time. Temperature information is converted to a flow setpoint, and the flow through the valve is measured. The valve position is controlled so that the temperature setpoint in the room is maintained, regardless of variations.

balancing, Commissioning, SAV Systems, valve assemblies

The FloCon Series R series of valve assemblies from SAV Systems provides compact and economical protection for downstream thermostatic radiator valves and terminal units (radiators, fan coils, radiant panels etc.) in variable-volume heating systems. These assemblies make downstream circuits totally pressure independent and easy to commission.

balancing, Commissioning, Commissioning Specialists' Association, CSA

With recent annual energy price rises of upwards of 10%, Matt Ward of the Commissioning Specialists’ Association outlines the rising demand for aftercare and fine tuning of building services.

Amtech has announced the dates for its second Crystal Clear BIM conference. The venue will again be the Crystal Building in London, and the dates are 24 and 25 March 2014. The BIM-wash-free style of last year’s event will continue. Speakers will cover all aspects of BIM — from the design of built assets through to their day-to-day management.

CIBSE has become aware of potential hazards in some biomass boilers when operating in slumber mode. The concern is that partial combustion might occur — generating unburned flue gases, including carbon monoxide. The institution is working to provide further guidance. In the meantime the following advice is offered.

Co-heating tests to measure the overall heat loss from buildings are inconsistent and highly sensitive to the weather, according to research by the NHBC Foundation. The study warns that doubts about the accuracy of the co-heating tests means that in its current form it is not a suitably accurate tool for reliably evaluating energy performance.

Heatrae Sadia

Heatrae Sadia has sharpened up its image with the creation of a new brand image and strap line. The logo has a crisp contemporary design, and the new strap line reflects the company’s commitment to delivering energy-efficient and intelligent hot-water products.

Adrian Walker, chairman of the ICOM Energy Association, which represents the industrial and commercial heating industry, has criticised ‘contradictory messages’ that seem to fly in the face of the need to address rising energy prices by using energy more efficiently. Opening the recent ICOM winter conference, Adrian Walker, who is managing director of boiler manufacturer Hoval, said, ‘There has been a frighteningly quick pace of change in energy prices over the last few years, accompanied by commercial pressures to get more from less — including heating energy.

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