2011 December

Spirax Sarco, Steam

Spirax Sarco claims that its newly opened UK Steam Technology Centre is the only training facility in the UK with a fully operational steam system having SCADA control. This enables it to enhance the quality of training across the company’s range of steam engineering courses and support live technology demonstrations.

Rinnai, DHW

Rinnai has embarked on a major promotional campaign, starting with extensive TV advertising in and around the Gillette International Rugby League Four Nations and Rugby Super League 2011/12. The games are televised live on BBC and Sky Sports. Rugby League attracts up to 30% more viewers than Premiership Rugby Union.

LPCB, fire alarms

Fire-protection specialist Fike has gained LPCB approval for all detectors and panels in its innovative TwinFlexPo range, which offers versatile and cost-effective fire-alarm solutions for small and medium-sized applications. The TwinFlexPro system was developed specifically to provide flexible and effective fire protection for applications such as private hotels, guesthouses and homes of multiple occupation (HMOs).

Evinox, heat interface unit

E.ON is moving in to the supply of communal heat networks and has chosen Evinox as its preferred supplier for heat interface units — a key part of such systems. Jeremy Bungey, head of community energy in E.ON’s sustainable-energy business commented, ‘Customer service is paramount to E.ON, and we believe that the Evinox heat interface unit provides the best solution for heat customers within our community energy projects.’

Siemens, controls, actuators

Siemens has launched two new lower-torque ranges of damper actuators to enhance its OpenAir range. The 2 Nm rotary actuators are available in both spring-return (GSD…) and non-spring-return (GQD…) versions The compact design makes them ideal for under floor or ceiling void applications as well as for installations where space is limited. They can be either AC or DC powered and are available in 2-position, 3-position or DC 0 to 10 V control versions.

Big Foot Systems, Solar PV

Big Foot Systems offers the complete non-penetrative mounting system for photovoltaic panels on a flat roof.

Sirius Products, kitchen ventilation

Filtration and air-management specialists Sirius Products have developed a range of canopies designed to improve the containment-efficiency of the hood by up to 15%. This system delivers a constant stream of high-pressure low-volume air directly into the canopy itself, creating a negative pressure along the front lower edge. Consequently, the rising convective heat and smoke created by cooking processes is drawn into the hood and towards the high-efficiency grease filters, leaving a pleasant, productive and smoke-free kitchen environment.

Aereco, mechanical ventilation

Aereco’s BXC extract unit for mechanical extract ventilation is based on intelligent presence detection to provide ventilation as required. The Eyebooster module detects infra-red radiation through an angle of 100° through a Fresnel lens. When a variation in infra-radiation is detected, the extract shutters are opened and ventilation provided.

JS Humidifiers, humidification

Condair Mk5 resistive steam humidifiers from JS Humidifiers offer close humidity control and maintenance costs that can be up to 65% less than other electrode-boiler humidifiers. These humidifiers manage scale so that it is easy to remove, thereby eliminating the need for expensive disposable boiling cylinders. Outputs range from 5 to 80 kg/h, with full modulation of the output.

Xpelair, mixed mode ventilation

Xpelair’s mixed-mode system for natural and low-energy ventilation and heating has been specified and installed at a new school in Wales. The £9.5 million Williamstown Primary School in Rhondda is aiming to secure an A-rating for environmental standards. There are 12 classrooms, unit for special educational needs, hall, community room, IT facilities, library, soft play area and an outdoor environmental studies area. There are also a football field, changing rooms and multi-use games area.

Elta, kitchen ventilation

The new kitchen ventilation system for The Stag Inn at Mentmore in Buckinghamshire, a popular and well regarded pub and restaurant, is based on a fan from Elta’s PowerPlus DCV range with a pre-programmed Eltadrive frequency inverter converting single phase to 3 phase. The installation work, including canopy and ductwork, was carried out by Systemair Fans & Spares of Nottingham.

Aereco, ventilation, humidity control

Basing ventilation rates on relative humidity is an effective way of achieving good ventilation that is energy efficient and with low maintenance requirements — explains Colin Hone.

Airflow, heat recovery, ventilation

Lots of fresh air to make for a healthy building doesn’t have to be matched with a high energy bill — if heat in exhaust air can be recovered. John Kelly looks at the issues.

Elta Fans, indoor air quality

What are you up against when faced with providing good indoor air quality? Alan Macklin reviews the challenges.

Passivent, natural ventilation

Passivent natural-ventilation systems have been incorporated into a showcase project to demonstrate the practicality of developing low-energy commercial and office buildings. The Greenpower Centre is the new headquarters for Greenpower Education Trust. It has been developed by a partnership comprising architect Emission Zero, Fordingbridge and Passivent to provide a learning environment and testbed for low-emission technologies. The building has achieve a A-rated Energy Performance Certificate.

Xpelair, heat recovery ventilation

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery for the refurbishment of heritage property overlooking London’s Hyde Park into prime residential accommodation is provided by Xcell 400 units from Xpelair Ventilation Solutions. The systems for The Lancasters Grade 2 listed building in French Renaissance style were specified by Mecserve Consulting Engineers. The project involved converting the building into 77 grand apartments.

WindowMaster, natural ventilation

Keep the noise down

01 December, 2011

Can natural ventilation in urban schools satisfy the requirements of the Department for Education? Carl Sutterby describes the results of modelling a number of solutions.

Panasonic, air conditioning, R22

R22 — the final countdown

01 December, 2011

R22 is still a mainstay for much of the installed base of air conditioning in the UK. However, with its phase-out gathering pace towards 2015, it pays to take action now. Marc Diaz offers guidance for planning your strategy.

Hamworthy, biomass boiler, renewable energy

The installation of a biomass at Whitchurch Community Hospital in Shropshire is expected to halve its carbon emissions, while providing space heating and hot water. The Hamworthy Biomatic boiler has an output of 250 kW and was installed during a period of cold weather last Winter, so it immediately had to work round the clock using up to 20 t of wood a week. The hospital has 38 beds.

Ecoflam, boiler, burner

As part of a conversion from oil to mains gas, two 350 kW gas burners from Ecoflam have been installed at Pencoed Swimming Pool near Bridgend. The burners were specified by Bridgend County Borough Council, whose senior mechanical engineer Nigel Baker says, ‘We’ve used various Ecoflam burners before, so we knew they would have the right product for the installation. After consulting their technical team, the Max Gas burners were clearly the best option and have helped make the conversion from oil to gas a great success.’

Envirotec, AHU

Refurbishment often provides a viable alternative to replacing HVAC plant with new equipment — with significant cost and environmental benefits. Kim Rose explains.

Vokes Air has developed an online energy-consumption calculator for air filters. Entering requirements enables the energy consumption and carbon-dioxide emissions of current and optimised systems to be compared. The calculator also indicates the energy consumed and CO2 emitted during the manufacture and disposal of air filters.

Dimplex, heat pump, renewable energy, space heating

Air-source heat pumps installed as part of a replacement heating system for the oldest working-men’s institute in Wales helped reduced running costs by 55% in the first year, signalling a payback of 10 years. Two Dimplex LA40 air-source heat pumps were installed by installer partner WDS Environmental during the cold Winter of 2009, with back-up heat provided by two gas-fired boilers.

Ideal Commercial Heating, boilers, space heating, renewable energy

With funding and legislation coming together to support potentially the most significant building-refurbishment programme in decades, heating specialists are gearing up for an extensive programme of boiler retrofits, controls upgrades and new hot-water solutions. Ron Barker explains how this will change the industry.

Micronics, flow measurement, water treatment

Demonstrating the benefits, including improvements in the potential performance and energy savings, from the retrofit installation of sustainable water treatment to existing buildings is a major factor in the take-up and case for investment. Being able to demonstrate what is flowing where, not flowing or, even, flowing backwards can go a long way to establishing confidence with potential customers that your company knows what it is doing.

An immediate 17.3% reduction in electricity consumption has been achieved following the installation of a voltage optimiser at Peasley Cross Hospital in St Helens. Before the installation of the equipment from Streamline Power, the average voltage on site was 246.3 V, peaking at 252.8 V —close to the legal maximum of 253 V. The voltage optimiser has reduced the voltage to 223 V, balanced the incoming phases and controlled the incoming voltage to within 0.5% of target.

Cool-Therm, data centre, Turbomiser chillers

Energy savings of 55% have been achieved following the replacement of existing cooling plant with new Turbomiser chillers at the west London data centre of Colt Technology. The new chillers have also improved reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

Banyards, maintenance and refurbishment

Effective maintenance and refurbishment are about delivering a comfortable environment in buildings — and reducing energy consumption and emissions. Mike Russell and Graham Child take an in-depth look at what should and can be done.

Insurance provider Naturesave offers a policy covering small-scale renewable-energy installations such as solar PV, wind and hydroturbines, up to 750 kW. The policy also guarantees green energy revenues. The policy covers renewable-energy installations for schools, small businesses and community organisations and insures against loss of incomes in the event of mechanical breakdowns or material damage.

Hager, lighting control

Hager’s Klik.system plug-and-play lighting-control system is simple to install and program and can be used for digital and standard lighting installations. This prefabricated wiring solution includes lighting marshalling boxes with four to 12 outlets, conduit box/surface connector for a single luminaire, prewired pluggable occupancy sensors and prewired plugs with 3 or 5 m leads.

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