2014 August

A lack of brand recognition doesn't detract from the industry's importance

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SE Controls has provided the monitoring and control solution for the natural-ventilation system of the new £2 million science centre of Moreton Hall School in Oswestry. The NVLogiQ system maintains air quality in classrooms, while providing a stimulating and comfortable environment for pupils.

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Better together

06 August, 2014

Why should you want to isolate the BEMS from the rest of a corporate IT network? Graham Lewry of Trend Control Systems, explains why closer collaboration and understanding between IT and FM departments can lead to a better building energy management system.

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The SPIe energy-monitoring solution from Synapsys Solutions has been selected by construction group Skanska to provide energy-performance information to staff and visitors at its UK head office at Maple Cross. Sean Smith, senior project manager with Skanska, says, ‘Our previous building controls system didn’t include an energy-monitoring capability, so we worked with our BMS partner Acme to look at several energy-monitoring options, and Synapsys’ SIPe stood out for several reasons.’

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Despite its everyday usage, few people have much appreciation of the differences between the various RF (radio frequency) technologies in use today. Chris Irwin of WEMS takes us on a trip through the radio spectrum.

Contemporary Controls (CCL) in the UK and Germany has entered into a reseller agreement with Tridium Europe to distribute Tridium-branded JACE controllers and AX Supervisors for the systems integrator market in the EMEA region. Tridium’s technology and JACE embedded controllers combined with Contemporary Controls’ BACnet automation product provide systems integrators with a robust building-management solution.

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The refurbishment of Tollcross International Swimming Centre in Glasgow includes a building control system incorporating Sontay’s SonNet wireless sensing technology. The existing Schneider BMS incorporated the new Sontay sensors perfectly and enabled them to be monitored remotely. Extra seating has been added to one end of the venue, with the SonNet system now measuring temperature and humidity across the swimming-pool area.

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The flood of information produced by today’s building management systems can be the power behind usable and actionable information that saves energy and money. Roger Woodward of Tridium discusses how.

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Sensible thinking

06 August, 2014

Without room sensors, a building-management system cannot operate — and the better the sensors the better the system can perform. Alan Braybrook of Sontay examines the role that room sensors have played in the rise of building control systems and discusses what makes for a good sensor.

BMS, BEMS, controls, Carlo Gavazzi, Dupline, analogue module

Carlo Gavazzi has enhanced its Dupline bus offering for building automation with the introduction of new decentralised analogue-input modules The SHPINNI2 and SHPINA224 devices enable control system to interface with environmental sensors in smart building systems that use any type of environmental sensor with a 0/4 to 20 mA or NI/PT1000 output.

BMS, BEMS, controls, Titan, CO2 sensor

Titan Products has extended its TPZ-Net range of Zigbee wireless sensors with the addition of two CO2 sensors. Both sensors are designed for comfort control in schools, offices and other applications where CO2 levels need to be maintained at comfortable concentrations.

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Micronics, a leading UK manufacturer of clamp-on metering products for building services, has increased its product offering to provide complete metering solutions for building services. A comprehensive range of traditional inline meters (pictured) complements the established clamp-on range.

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Schwank’s ThermoControl Plus control system for its gas-fired infra-red radiant heating can be integrated with the company’s own building-management system and also supports other leading commercial BMS software and fire-alarm systems.

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WEMS International has introduced a driver for NiagaraAX that enables its wireless sensors and I/O modules to work with Tridium JACE, CentraLine Hawk and the Distech Controls EC-BOS hardware platforms. The driver uses a special version of the WEMS RS232/RS485 serial interface module to wirelessly enable the hardware platform. Wireless I/O modules then appear in the NiagaraAX Workbench tool as if they were I/O points and can be fully configured using Workbench.

CIBSE’s Building Performance Awards for 2015 now has a category for building-control systems. This new award recognises the importance of integrated and automated control systems in managing and maintaining optimum building performance.

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CP Northern has supplied a bespoke control system to control lighting, ventilation fans and water solenoids for the refurbished Brynmor Jones Library at the University of Hull. This library houses over a million books, as well as other paper and digital resources. The multi-million refurbishment by BAM Construction North East has created a flexible, technology-enabled facility with new facades and upgraded M&E services.

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Osram’s Encelium lighting control system addresses what the company calls the ‘six beams of lighting control’. They are time scheduling, presence detection, daylight harvesting, task tuning, personal control and load shedding. Encelium, which is now being introduced to the UK, centralises control of facility-wide lighting with advanced energy reporting and analysis. It is scalable to buildings of any size and separate buildings on a campus.

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Belimo’s EPIV pressure-independent characterised-control valve is available in sizes from DN15 to DN150. These valves combine the four functions of measuring, controlling, hydraulic balancing and air bubble-tight closing. They provide real-time information of the measured flow rate.

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The essential extra

06 August, 2014

Investing in benefitting from the services of a maintenance bureau can quickly bring significant rewards, says Marc Harrison of BG Energy Solutions.

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While it can be tempting to save cost on a controls project by choosing cheaper peripherals, Ian Ellis of Siemens Building Technologies warns of the higher long-term costs that will result.

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Steve Harrison explains why it is becoming increasingly more important to consider training as an essential part of every business.

Saint-Gobain, drainage, BIM model

Saint-Gobain PAM UK has launched the first phase of its BIM library covering above-ground drainage. It covers the most popular ranges of Ensign soil, Eezi-Fit and VortX floor drain products. Compliant with Revit from 2012 onwards, the library provides users with a virtual-information model combined with product-specific literature and individual component datasheets covering information such as size, weight and fire ratings.

Panasonic, air conditioning, VRF

Panasonic offers a 7-year warranty with its Aquarea heat-pump system. It covers parts and labour when installed by a professionally qualified PRO Partner. It is one of the longest warranties in the heating and cooling sector, and PRO Partners simply opt for an extended warranty when installing an Aquarea system.

Grundfos Pumps, selection tool

The Grundfos Product Center is an online selection tool to help size pumps for any need, find information about any Grundfos pump or pump replacement, and manage complex installation and replacement projects. Built on the WebCAPS foundation, the Product Center is intuitive and designed to let the user find answers their way.

Sanha, press fitting, pressfitting, pipe, copper, gas

A number of products from Sanha’s extensive range of press fittings in copper and lead-free silicon bronze now have Kitemark certification to BS8537 — which covers specification for press ends of plumbing fittings for use with metal tubes. The Press Gas series 10000 copper and series 11000 Siliconbronze for gas installations at operating pressures up to 5 bar are now certified for use at temperatures up to 100°C.

Toshiba, air conditioning, BIM object

Toshiba Air Conditioning has developed a complete BIM (building information modelling) support solution for consultants, contractors and designers. It cover the company’s full range of SMMSI, SHRMi and Mini SMMSi VRF outdoor units, flow selector boxes and the full range of indoor units.

SCS Group, car park ventilation

SCS Group has prepared a guidance document on smoke-control systems for enclosed or underground car parks. Called ‘Car park ventilation demystified’, it uses plain language and illustrations to show just how simple the solutions can be.

Airflow Developments, ventilation, MVHR, heat recovery

Airflow Developments offers a CIBSE-approved CPD presentation to give specifiers a greater insight into the speciation of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery for non-residential buildings. It explains in detail why ventilation is such an important component in the running of any commercial building.

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Bosch gets social

06 August, 2014

Bosch Commercial & Industrial Heating has gone live with its own Twitter and LinkedIn accounts — giving contractors, consultants and specifiers the chance to interact with the company using social media for the first time.

B&ES, ventilation guidance, cleanliness, TR19, TR/19, BS EN15780

B&ES guidance on the internal cleanliness of ventilation systems TR/19 is now available from B&ES Publications. Called ‘Guide to good practice — internal cleanliness of ventilation systems’, it offers guidance on the testing and cleaning of ventilation systems to meet required standards.

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