2015 September

When construction works

28 September, 2015

The redevelopment of Birmingham New Street Station is a great example of construction making things better, not worse. 

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With a boiler upgrade implying modern condensing boilers, Robert Brown of Bosch Commercial & Industrial Heating, explains how modern condensing boilers can be introduced to upgrade existing heating systems with the minimum amount of upheaval for maximum savings.

Stokvis, boilers, space heating, DHW

After nearly 30 years’ service at the Holiday Inn Guildford, one of the original Stokvis Econoflame R18 gas-fired boilers has been replaced with the modern equivalent — an Econoflame R6539 modulating gas-fired boiler. The boiler plant is maintained by Economy Heating Services, which recommended the replacement boiler.

boilers, space heating, DHW, MHG Heating

MHG Heating has introduced two ranges of competitively priced, high-efficiency floor-standing gas-fired condensing boilers for commercial applications. Prices of the Superbox (left in photo) and Alubox (right) ranges are said to be around 30% less per kilowatt of capacity than other boilers of comparable quality and performance.

boilers, space heating, DHW, Ideal Commercial

Ideal Commercial Boilers has added seven larger units to its Vanguard L pressure-jet range of boilers to increase output options up to 7000 kW. The previous maximum output was 3500 kW. The Vanguard L range is of steel-shell and tube construction as a single-piece boiler.

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Heating and hot water for a former police housing site in Edgbaston that has been redeveloped to provide accommodation for 30 dance students with pastoral care is provided by Mikrofill boilers. An associate school of Birmingham Royal Ballet, Elmhurst School for Dance teaches ballet to students aged 11 to 19. The site is owned by Calthorpe Estates and has been redeveloped by Shaylor Group.

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Potterton Commercial has extended its Sirius range of boilers to offer outputs from 50 to 525 kW. There are new outputs for single floor-standing boilers of 400 and 525 kW. These boilers have a dual-burner configuration that enables them to modulate down to 10% of full output.

Small savings in cost at installation stage can be very expensive in the long term. Martin Wilkinson of Spirotech argues the case for effective dirt and air separation in heating systems.

Potterton Commercial, boilers, space heating, DHW

Legislation update

03 September, 2015

Boilers at the smaller end of the commercial market is one of the main categories of heating appliance covered by the Energy Labelling Directive that comes into force towards the end of September. Jonathan Tedstone of Potterton Commercial explains what building managers should consider.

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The rise in cases of sub-standard or fake flues is bringing the issue of maintenance to the fore in the perennial discussion about ensuring the optimum performance and long-term reliability of boilers, according to John Hamnett of Commercial Flue Cleaning & Maintenance Services

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Keeping heating on top form

03 September, 2015

Regular burner maintenance is the key to achieving to achieving optimum efficiency and avoiding safety problems. Steve O’Neill of EOGB Energy Products explains the importance of regular burner maintenance and the correct procedures to ensure optimum efficiency and safety.

Elco UK, water content, boilers, space heating, DHW

With energy efficiency a key factor in the specification of commercial boiler plant, flexibility in system design is a high priority. Peter Gammon of Elco UK, stresses why a boiler’s water content can play a vital role in a system and how lifecycle costs need careful consideration.

Rural Energy, biomass, renewable energy, boilers, space heating, DHW

Rural Energy has completed the installation of nine biomass heating systems as part of a £1.3 million project with Buckinghamshire County Council. Energy costs are being reduced by over £30 000 a year. There will also be an annual income of £150 000 from the Renewable Heat Incentive for the 20-year life of the scheme.

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Rinnai continuous-flow water heaters can be fully connected with building-management systems across multiple platforms — including popular protocols such as Modbus and BACnet. No longer need water heaters be isolated in lonely plant rooms.

Mikrofill, boilers, space heating, DHW

The recent mechanical refurbishment of the sixth-form block of The Kingsley School in Royal Leamington Spa included the installation of new LPHW equipment manufactured by Mikrofill. The work was carried out by Evesham Mechanical Services.

Sentinel Commercial, condensing boiler, condensate neutraliser, boilers, space heating, DHW

Sentinel Commercial’s Condensafe C4000 device is designed to neutralise condensation from commercial condensing boilers. It is designed to fit into a standard 40 mm ABS/PVCu waste pipe drain and is fitted with universal couplers to accommodate all makes of plastic pipe with a diameter of 40 mm.

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Hamworthy boilers go mobile

03 September, 2015

A long-term relationship between Hamworthy Heating and Cedar Green Projects has resulted in five temporary boiler houses that can be towed to site to provide heating and hot water. These self-contained trailers are managed by Cedar Green Projects, based in West Sussex, and use equipment from Hamworthy Heating, including boilers.

Hamworthy Heating, control, weather compensation, sequence control, degree days, boilers, space heating, DHW

Stuart Turner of Hamworthy Heating looks beyond EU legislation on boiler efficiency to discuss how the real energy savings are to be achieved.

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Controls in control

03 September, 2015

The quickest and most effective energy-saving measures can be achieved with effective controls and a BeMS. Lisa Gingell of t-mac Technologies suggests cost-effective approaches to cut carbon emissions and energy costs.

BG Energy Solutions offers an energy health check service that can help reduce HVAC running costs by up to 24%. This auditing service has been designed to give business owners and maintenance teams expert advice on an area of building management that is often misunderstood — namely building-management systems.

Spirax Sarco, steam, DHW, space heating, Quick fixes

Leighton Hospital in Crewe has reduced its water-heating cots by an estimated 10 to 15% by upgrading its hot-water system to use two Spirax Sarco EasiHeat steam-to-hot-water systems. The update is also expected to reduce payments under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

Fitting ECEX air-intake screens to two air-handling units at Westminster City Hall in London has solved operational problems and reduced energy consumption by preventing debris accumulating on coils and in air filters. The performance of the air-handling units with the screens fitted was compared with a third unit without screens.

Eriks, lighting, LEDs, Quick fixes

Adam Hicks of Eriks looks how poor maintenance of industrial lighting and the choice of lamps is costing industry huge amounts of money.

Micronics, flow meter, clamp on meter, Quick fixes

Micronics’ U1000 HM heat-energy-meter device can be used straight out of the box with no programming or specialist engineering required. It is described as a cost-effective alternative to installing in-line meters and does not require pipes to be drained down or cut.

Timeguard, fused spur, programmer, controller, Quick fixes

Timeguard has developed a fused spur for electrical installations that incorporates time control. These single-gang units provide programmable on/off times with push-button manual over-ride, There are two versions, one for 24-hour programming and one for seven days. They have a 5-year guarantee.

Patrington Haven Leisure Park, a 5-star caravan park in Yorkshire, is expecting savings of over £23 000 a year on energy costs following the installation of a Powerstar voltage-optimisation solution to replace an inefficient 50-year-old distribution transformer. CO2 emissions are expected to be reduced by 144 t.

The need to provide healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in existing buildings creates unusual challenges for building services engineers. David Bradbury of SAV Systems explains how direct, zone-specific, demand-controlled ventilation can provide a valuable option.

National Exhibition Centre, NEC, Norland, Quick fixes

Tackling energy use at the NEC

03 September, 2015

Managing energy at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) is a challenge as the use of the space changes from day-to-day. Sean Prior, energy manager for CBRE, dedicated to the NEC Group account, explains why and what fixes, some quick and others not so, can be deployed for these types of buildings

Rinnai, DHW, hot water, Quick fixes

Seaview International Holiday Park at St Austell in Cornwall boasts exceptionally high-quality shower blocks and is enjoying significant savings in fuel consumption since the installation of Rinnai continuous-flow water heaters to replace the stored-hot-water system. One benefit for visitors is that the showers will never run out of hot water.

BSRIA, lighting, daylight sensor, daylight sensing, blinds, degree days, Quick fixes

Reducing energy consumption in buildings does not have to be complicated or expensive. Dr Michelle Agha-Hossein of BSRIA puts forward some suggestions.

modbs tv logo

In August, MBStv talks to Stephen Lisk, president of CIBSE about the need to adapt to changes and how collaboration leads to better working. many more...

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Alan Jamieson of Peldon Rose discusses the changes and trends of building services within offices and the focus of wellbeing. 

Alastair Martin: The energy market right now

Chief Strategy Officer at Flexitricity expresses the current state of the energy market and the need for flexibility.