Customised maintenance package for humidifiers

Vapac has launched a customised maintenance package designed to maximise the reliability and energy efficiency of humidifiers. Roger Palamarczuk, general manager of Vapac Humidity Control, explains ‘There are over 10 000 electrode-boiler and resistance-heating humidifiers installed throughout the UK. As with all plant, without regular maintenance, humidifiers will develop faults, and we estimate that over 20% of units installed in the UK are being switched off or fault conditions ignored, resulting in end users never realising the benefits of their outlay.’ The VapaSure service is carried out twice a year and tailored to individual requirements. To optimise the performance and longevity of humidifiers, engineers take into account water quality, operations requirements and the amount of kit on site. Customers taking out a VapaSure contract within six months of purchase will benefit from the standard 2-year warranty being extended for a further year.
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