20 year evolution

Tying in with our 20th anniversary issue Taconova UK’s General Manager, Behfar Abedinia, discusses how Heat Interface Units have prompted a significant shift in heating technology over the last 20 years, moving towards more efficient and sustainable solutions.

Neil Saunders, Sales and Marketing Director at Vokèra by Riello, Carrier GCS Europe, elaborates on the UK’s current policy landscape surrounding…

With the building sector striving to meet Net Zero targets, there is a strong demand for sustainable energy solutions to replace existing heating…

Dan Hopkins, Technical Manager at ebm-papst UK Ltd, discusses how a Building Management System can deliver a healthier outcome for…

Gary Nicholls, Managing Director of duct cleaning expert Swiftclean, and co-author of TR19®, looks at the long-anticipated TR19® Air…

Matthew Maleki, CIAT’s indoor air quality champion, explores the significance of the new IEQ standard and what it means for business owners and…

Steve Richmond, Head of Marketing and Technical Building Solutions at REHAU UK, discusses the possibilities with offsite…


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ABM has announced a significant contract win with Transport for London (TfL) to provide mechanical and electrical (M&E) services across the London Underground network.

Viessmann Climate Solutions UK has partnered with Edwardian Hotels, one of the UK's leading luxury hotel groups, to deliver significant energy savings across its estate.

The CIBSE Building Performance Awards continue to grow from strength-to-strength. Anastasia Mylona, Technical Director at CIBSE, explains what makes these awards so unique to the sector.

Many contractors are still ignoring safety regulations despite repeated warnings that measures introduced by the Building Safety Act are already in place and affect every project, according to the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA).

As the UK energy landscape continues to undergo major changes, Team Energy’s Head of Consultancy, Timothy Holman, explores the crucial events to keep an eye on over the next 12 months.

Following a rising demand for prefabricated building services to reduce issues associated with system compliance and compatibility, Elta is now leading the charge in the ventilation sector with its innovative ‘Prefabricated Solutions’. The new service enables decision makers for ventilation services to create bespoke ventilation units from Elta’s wide range of fans and ancillaries, including its certified smoke range.

In 2020-2021 it was hard to turn a corner without bumping into a freshly ‘qualified’ indoor air quality expert with a magic box supposedly ready to solve all your air quality problems. Customers were willing to listen at the time, even if they didn’t quite get their wallet out.

This new year marks the start of a new era for Elta as it celebrates 50 years in business and accelerates its agenda to move the dial on indoor air quality.

A high-tech energy-saving project at a prominent Dublin office building has helped bring about a 76% reduction in energy demand and been officially recognised by the Irish Government.

Detect hidden sources of heat and energy loss with Teledyne FLIR’s thermal imaging cameras to save energy and cut your heating and energy costs.

In October the Government launched its long-awaited Heat and Building Strategy. With heat for buildings accounting for 21% of the UKs annual national emissions, the strategy supports the intention to decarbonise heat, which is essential in order to meet our net zero goals, and it confirms that the Government’s preferred technology for this, at least for the foreseeable future, is the heat pump.

With the building sector striving to meet Net Zero targets, there is a strong demand for sustainable energy solutions to replace existing heating systems for light commercial, industrial and large residential buildings. Paul Taylor – UK Head of Renewable Heating for Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions, explains how a water based heat pump system can provide a lower carbon, energy efficient solution for various applications.

Neil Saunders, Sales & Marketing Director at Vokèra by Riello, Carrier GCS Europe, elaborates on the UK’s current policy landscape surrounding the decarbonisation of heat, highlighting key strategies and technologies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with heating.

Neil Saunders, Sales and Marketing Director at Vokèra by Riello, Carrier GCS Europe, elaborates on the UK’s current policy landscape surrounding the decarbonisation of heat, highlighting key strategies and technologies aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with heating.

Andrew Hamshere, MD at Sensing Precision, discusses some of the challenges of installation and how testing can be facilitated.

Specification of the correct thermal insulation for pipes and ducts is essential to ensure heating and cooling systems perform effectively.  Shaun Byrne of SIG explains some of the issues that need to be considered - and why it is wise to seek expert advice.  

Steve Munn, Managing Director at Hevasure, explores some of the common problems picked up by real-time monitoring technology and explains why early detection of problems and timely intervention can save huge amounts of money and hassle. 

David Millward, Group Product Manager at Elta Fans, explains that sensor technology is crucial to delivering Part F Building Regulations and raising the standards of indoor air quality.

With many hospitals now addressing longer waiting lists, pressure on laboratory facilities has never been so intense, says Ian Thomas of TROX UK

Spotlight on Smart Mechanical Ventilation (SMV) - insights shared by Jonathon Hunter Hill of AirMaster SMV

Building controls have the potential to reduce energy use, support carbon reductions and reduce running costs, says Mark McLoughlin

Connectivity in smart buildings has huge business value. Mike Hook explains. 

The combination of HCL and lighting control technology is creating ever more productive environments. Steve Marr explains.

Only one-in-five buildings have an BMS system to regulate and oversee their inner workings, and so most commercial buildings operate at a Class C energy efficiency level. Stuart Smith of Zehnder looks at how to improve performance. 

‘Smart Buildings’ are no longer something that simply conjures images out of science fiction movies, says Mark Sutcliffe of Lorne Stewart.

Nick Robinson, Managing Partner at Beyond ESG, looks at how technological innovations are transforming our buildings, offering tangible commercial benefits that go beyond energy savings. Connected by IoT and supported by data science, the modern digitised building boasts unparalleled levels of control and monitoring.

Katherine Morton, Regional Design Lead at Stepnell, explains how to optimise project outcomes when considering taking a new or refurb route for public sector buildings.

Rob Erwood, Commercial Sales and Specification Director at Baxi, looks at some of the ways manufacturers can help support the drive for net zero buildings.

Karolina Younger, Chief Product Officer at Jumptech, explains how installation technology can enable contractors, installers, project managers and M&E professionals more confidence to install low-carbon technology at scale.

Steve Richmond, Head of Marketing and Technical Building Solutions at REHAU UK, discusses the possibilities with offsite construction.

Using modern methods of construction and prefabrication enabled a housing association to refurbish one of its high-rise residential tower blocks

Demand for packaged plant and modular construction is continuing to grow. Here, Roger Hoskins of Conex Bänninger discusses the opportunities for the HVAC industry and offers some tips for achieving a successful offsite project specification.

Derek Parker, Business Development Director at Artic Building Services, discusses how data-led maintenance transforms hard FM.

Mark Dowson, Buro Happold shares why Newcastle University is known for its pioneering spirit

Toby Hunt from Guardian Water Treatment explains the potential problems posed by dormant water systems and how to safely bring a site out of mothballing.

A primary school in Leipzig, Germany trial TRILUX Opendo LED with CO2 sensor

TRILUX Lighting is proud to announce its recent success in the Build Back Better Awards Autumn edition. 

Knightsbridge has introduced the SUR5LED dual-mount LED luminaire that can be surface-mounted or suspended. It’s an easily installed, retrofittable alternative to twin 5ft fluorescent fittings with a commercial grade output of 4790lm.

Alex Hill, Managing Director at international building services design consultancy, Whitecode Consulting, looks at new government regulation to reduce overheating and the best solutions to prevent overheating in our homes, hospitals offices and schools.

The European Union wants to lead the world in the transition to low global warming potential (GWP) substances, but it cannot ignore other factors – not least safety, according to Graeme Fox of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA).

Condensation forms when the humidity level in the indoor air reaches saturation point and that air comes into contact with a cold surface, turning into liquid water.  This can lead to damage, mould and respiratory problems. So what be done? Paul Williams of Domus explains. 

Keith Barker, Director of CSA Member Tectonic Techniques and Chair of the CSA Marketing Committee, offers his considered appraisal.

In previous articles, the CSA has discussed commissioning in some depth, covering aspects such as what commissioning is, why it is carried out, when is it done and who does it.

Agnieszka Bachleda-Baca considers how IoT can support sustainable building management.

This month’s round table discussion, sponsored by Trend Control Systems, examines the net zero carbon challenge. Karen Fletcher reports

This month’s MBS round table, sponsored by Swegon, considered the rise of the smart building and smart kit. 

Our expert panel considers the ‘Branson’ challenge and highlights the developments, opportunities and challenges facing the air conditioning and refrigeration sector. Sponsored by Daikin Applied (UK)

With new ways of working continuing to shape office design, Toby Buckley, Managing Director of REL Building Services, explains the impact on M&E solutions.

Changing realities for students and learning

Karl Walker of Beckhoff explains how changing attitudes towards climate change can help encourage young people to take more responsibility for managing the energy efficiency of their own schools and colleges

Matt Whiting, discusses why a holistic approach to specifying water controls in healthcare environments can help improve performance and compliance

Valeria Ferrando explains the difference between digital twins and BIM – and how twinning helps designers and operators understand their buildings better.

As the new TR19 Grease specification is issued by BESA, Gary Nicholls explains why some building managers may still find that there are challenges to achieving full compliance.

Sandy Damm takes a closer look at smoke detection and the best way to select and maintain your equipment.

Dario Giordani explains how the Construction Products Regulation keeps cables safe from fire, and why it concerns everyone in the industry.

The crucial role of specification writing has been so severely downgraded that it is undermining building designs, according to David Fitzpatrick*.

A new Heat Commission convened by the CBI and University of Birmingham - with leading industry figures - has called on the Government to develop a National Delivery Body (NDB) to lead the development and implementation of a national heat decarbonisation strategy.

New guidelines on pressure relief valves and safety valves have been published by SAFed. Les Littlewood outlines the key points and the correct usage.

Angela Reid outlines the numerous labelling schemes available for buildings, and notes the importance of understanding what each offers owners and managers.

Josh Emerson from Swegon looks at the up to date guidance and perceived risk from Rotary Heat Exchangers

Karen Fletcher speaks to a company at the front line of changes in the air conditioning sector and learns how it is staying ahead of the game with an eye firmly on the future.

The UK’s primary F Gas register Refcom played a key role in the first World Refrigeration Day (WRD) as co-host with the Institute of Refrigeration (IoR) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).