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COP26 - Industry roundup

17 November, 2021

As COP26 ends, we've pulled together comment and thoughts about the event and issues raised from across the industry. 

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The Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) has today shared new figures revealing that while consultancies are making good progress towards unlocking a Net Zero future, client demand remains patchy, with only around a fifth (19%) of large consultancy and around a quarter (24%) of SME clients, asking for net zero compatible designs.

The industry responds!

The Government released its long-delayed Net Zero Review and Heating and Hot Water Strategy last week. As the UK’s building stock is responsible for such a high proportion of the country’s Carbon Emissions, the Building Services sector in both domestic and commercial arenas will both be hugely impacted by the strategies and front and centre in the response. 

To Mask or not?

To mask or not to mask?

The government has been warned that it faces a major public backlash if it attempts to use an increase in domestic gas prices as a way of forcing homeowners to buy expensive low carbon heating appliances in own homes.

Response to UK Government Plan

19 November, 2020

Ian Rippin, CEO of MCS – the national standards organisation for renewables – responds to the government’s 10-point plan for a “Green Industrial Revolution”, which aims to make the UK carbon neutral by 2050 

Clara Bagenal George

CIBSE has released guidance on the use of environmental product declarations (EPDs) for building services equipment. This guidance also provides a method for estimating the embodied carbon of building services equipment where EPDs are not yet available.


Help is on hand for businesses in key sectors to prepare for the end of the Brexit transition period. The UK is leaving the EU single market and customs union on Dec 31 and businesses need to get ready for the changes it will bring.

Helen Yeulet

The ambitious approach is welcome, but the industry needs a more 'blended approach' to training, says BESA in response to chancellor. 

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Terry Sharp of the BCIA thinks the annoucements are positive

Alex Hill

Alex Hill, Managing Director, Whitecode Design Associates says “building performance and efficiency are increasingly under the spotlight as a result of the move to carbon neutrality.”

What have building services engineers ever done for us?

Like Monty Python said - apart from the sanitation, warmth, cooling, fresh water, electrical services, controls, lighting, and ventilation, what have Building Services engineers ever done for us? David Frise of BESA asks the question. 

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Heat pumps alone will not solve the question of UK domestic heat decarbonisation, and must be supported by a mosaic of heating solutions, including a hydrogen gas network, if the UK is to deliver on its net zero ambition, a new report reveals today.

Tim Holman

As we see a pathway out of the pandemic, TEAM Energy’s Head of Consultancy, Timothy Holman examines what the Government’s net zero ambition really means to UK businesses and, in a countdown to the climate change summit, COP26, considers how they can be part of the journey to decarbonisation.  

Are you covered

Huge increase in insurance premiums adds to growing pressure on construction firms


The International Federation of Consulting Engineers are saying climate challenge is estimated to require at least $7 trillion a year to meet global infrastructure needs

Newcastle University

With the growth in the engineering sector in the last few years, the requirement of additional workers has led to an increasingly diverse workforce especially with the inclusion of women  

An outbreak of Legionnaires disease in the West Midlands has prompted Stuart Gizzi, Managing Director at plumbing equipment manufacturer Intatec to remind Facilities Managers that Legionella precautions can be automated 

Josh Emerson, Head of Marketing for Swegon shares the importance of re-opening with safe systems

Engineering UK

Females are rare

16 October, 2020

The real reason female engineers are still a rarity, a look at why engineering is not appealing in the UK

Rubber Bellows

Eddy Warren of Supaflex Agencies stresses the importance of how to prevent sudden burst failures.

Chartered Association of Building Engineers, CABE, Engineering Council, Dr Gavin Dunn

The issue of professional competency across the construction industry in the post-Grenfell era has never been more important than it is now.

March 2020 Budget, decarbonised heat policy, grants, Green Heat Network Fund, RHI

Karen Fletcher looks at what was in the recent Budget and considers what it might mean for the building services sector.

Hartnell Taylor Cook, Stuart Howell, Stuart Funiciello, sustainability, energy efficiency, landlords, MEES, BREEAM, WELL Building Standards, property developers

Both landlords and policy makers are having to respond to a growing public consciousness of the property sector’s environmental impact, resulting in a slew of regulation.

CHAS, prequalification, Build UK, PQ, Common Assessment Stanard, PAS 91, Ian McKinnon

A simpler route to PQ

01 March, 2020

The next phase of a new pre-qualification (PQ) system designed to reduce inefficiencies in the construction industry will be implemented shortly. CHAS, which certifies companies against the new standard, explains what this means for the construction sector.

 Europump, EU, legislation, energy efficiency, pumps, Eco Design, system, extended product approach, Eco-Design

Light bulb moment

01 February, 2020

The European Association of Pump Manufacturers explains why pumps should not be viewed in isolation, but as part of a system that includes a motor and controller. 

 IET, smart buildings, building controls, BMS, BEMS, BACS

Get to grips with controls

01 February, 2020

Matt Brooks reviews a new publication which offers good practice guidance on building controls from specification to implementation and updates.

 SPIE, George Adams, net zero, sustainability

Time to reach for net zero

01 January, 2020

George Adams says we need collaboration to achieve the net zero emissions target – and that our industry needs to lead the way in making big changes.

ECA, Electrical Contractors Association, Steve Bratt, CBI, payment, mental health

Steve Bratt, CEO of the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) shares his thoughts on a recent CBI event and the messages for businesses in our sector.

general election, manifestos, politics

Decisions, decisions

02 December, 2019

As MBS goes to press with the December issue, the country is facing a general election. Here MBS highlights some of the parties’ policies and takes a look at what the industry would like to see in 2020. Report by Matt Brooks and Karen Fletcher*

BESA National Conference, Brexit, general election, training, payment practice

Shaping the future

02 December, 2019

Brexit might have been dominating the news in recent months, but there was no shortage of other talking points at the annual BESA National Conference 2019 which took place in London on 21st November. Matt Brooks reports.

2019, Review of the Year

The year in review

02 December, 2019

Matt Brooks looks back on the key events of 2019 which have featured in MBS and some of the main stories that made the headlines this year.

Adam Selvey, Ramboll, wellbeing, zero carbon, sustainability

In the face of growing concern about our environment, sustainable buildings expert Adam Selvey considers how we can find a balance between achieving zero carbon buildings and the wellbeing of humans who are in them. 

cyber-security, Google, IOT, IT, Katherine Farrington, skills, Smart Buildings, smart-ready, training

Geeks bearing gifts

01 November, 2019

The future of smart buildings promises benefits for those who can tap into the new era of connected systems and the IoT. But Karen Fletcher warns that there is a lot of hard work required for those to want to step into this new world.

Competence, CSCS, ECA, ECS, electricians, electrotechnical, training

Mike Smith, ECA Director of Technical, tackles one of the biggest issues still facing the engineering services sector

Charles O’Neil, Global construction success, management, business, failure, training, education

The human factor

01 October, 2019

Karen Fletcher reviews an important new publication that highlights poor management as the root cause of problems in the construction industry – and how we might set about putting things right.

creativity, Derek Clements-Croome, productivity, wellbeing

Karen Fletcher takes a look into the latest edition of a book that examines the impact of the built environment on occupant productivity and creativity.

 ECA, skills, training, employment, Construction Leadership Council, CLC, Skills Strategy Action Plan, Future Skills, JIB, Unite the Union, Unite

The Real Deal (at last)?

01 August, 2019

Andrew Eldred, ECA director of Employment and Skills offers his thoughts on the call for a move to direct employment in the construction industry – and why it’s vital for training.

Chris Yates, CCC, carbon reduction, decarbonise

Mission impossible

01 July, 2019

As the Government adopts the CCC’s new targets on carbon reduction, Chris Yates analyses the UK’s unique triple energy mix and explains why we are uniquely positioned to decarbonise, minimise cost and diversify supply.

Future influences

01 July, 2019

Karen Fletcher considers two of the main drivers of change in how buildings are being designed and operated

Paul Reeve, ECA, CO2, emissions, targets, CCC,

In May, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) effectively put Government on the spot with a remarkable recommendation that the UK moves rapidly towards a ‘zero net carbon’ economy. Paul Reeve of the ECA examines the implications.

office, wellbeing, design, Nicola Gillen, author, Aecom, future

The future office

04 May, 2019

Renu Chopra reports on an interview with the author of a book that looks at the future of our workplaces, and puts people at the heart of design and engineering

ECA, Grenfell, Steve Martin, Electrical Contractors Association, Electrical Safety First, ECS, competence, fire safety

Steve Martin, director of technical for the ECA considers if fundamental reform is finally on the way in the post-Grenfell construction sector and explains government plans for change.

refrigerants, phase down, HFC, R32, F Gas, HFOs

Karen Fletcher explores the new landscape of refrigerants as phase down kicks in

In the third in a series of articles by the Commissioning Specialists Association, we continue to highlight some of the misconceptions about the role of commissioning, by asking four quite simple questions; what, why, when and who. Here we expand on the all-important ‘when’?

The future office is here

01 March, 2019

MBS reporter Renu Chopra looks into the future of building services design for offices.

The Why of commissioning

04 March, 2019

CSA expert Keith Barker explains why today's complex buildings need commissioning more than ever.

According to the GIRI’s recent research project, the construction industry recognises that 21% of its costs is due to error.

Paul Reeve, ECA, circular, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, WEEE

A circular approach

07 February, 2019

Paul Reeve of the ECA explains the latest update to the WEEE Regulations, and why the industry needs to embrace a circular approach to the construction economy.

Keith Barker of the Commissioning Specialists Association introduces a series of articles that examine the what, why, when and who of commissioning. This month, we take a look at what the process is – and why it’s so important.

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CIBSE team awarded BEIS contract for new guidance for large heat pump installations in non-domestic buildings

CIBSE are working with an authoring team from Arup and a cross-industry steering group on a contract awarded by BEIS to produce new guidance on the installation of heat pumps in larger non-residential buildings.

Supply chain issues still affecting construction output

Glenigan’s November Construction Index indicates continued decline, countering positive expectations of an autumn recovery