Flakt Woods delivers energy-efficient ventilation for student accommodation

Flakt Woods, ventilation, MVHR
Whole-house heat-recovery ventilation units have been supplied by Flak Woods as part of a programme to upgrade student accommodation at Exeter University.

Flakt Woods has supplied whole-house heat-recovery units as part of an overall ventilation solution for upgrading student accommodation at Exeter University. The development on the university’s Streatham Campus involved new-build and complete fit-out studio accommodation, en-suite bedrooms and kitchens.

Flakt Woods suggested Xcell 350V EC units for their very low noise levels and variable performance up to 370 m3/h. These units have a counter-flow heat-exchanger cell with an average heat-recovery rate of up to 93% to reduce heating energy consumption.

An automatic Summer bypass facility provides free cooling when the outside air temperature in the evening falls below that indoors. In Winter, an automatic defrost cycle prevents freezing of condensation removed from the dwelling.

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