Shorts has absorption technology covered

Shorts Environmental, absorption heat pumps

Shorts Environmental offers a wide range of absorption heat pumps and chillers fired by natural gas. They can generate hot water at efficiencies of over 140%. The range comprises air-source, ground-source and water-source models and is based on 37 kW heating modules that can be combined to deliver up to 208 kW.

The A Series air-source heat pump can produce hot water at up to 65°C at up to 165% efficiency.

The AR range of reversible air-source heat pumps can produce hot water at up to 60°C or cold water at 3°C. Efficiency is up to 149%.

The GS ground-source heat pump heats water to up to 65°C and is over 170% efficient. It is said to reduce costs for boreholes by over 60% compared with the electric equivalent.

The WS series can simultaneously produce hot water at 65°C and cold water at 3°C with an overall efficiency of over 244%.

The ACF-RTCF series of air-cooled chillers produce cold water down to 3°C with electricity consumption reduced by up to 88%. The ACF HR heat-recovery version gives chilled water down to 3°C and simultaneous free hot water at up to 80°C.

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