Ferroli improves the efficiency of its Pegasus boilers

Ferroli has enhanced its Pegasus range of atmospheric boilers with the introduction of a high-low burner design to boost efficiency. These burners are used on all boilers in the range, which cover 12 outputs from 51 to 289 kW. Pegasus boilers have an innovative cast-iron design with large finned heat-exchange surfaces and stainless-steel burner. High insulation levels for the casing further improve efficiency and fuel economy. A natural-draught flue exhaust with integral draught diverter/windshield achieves a low profile and simplifies installation work. All access for servicing and flue cleaning is from the front. Side clearances can thus be minimised, making the entire range suitable for modular applications. Pegasus boilers come with a standard control package comprising control thermostat, limit thermostat with manual reset, lockout indicator lamp, on/off switch and a combined thermometer and altitude gauge. sales@ferroli.co.uk
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