Hydor is a fan of Formula Fast Indoor Karting

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Maintaining air quality at this indoor go-karting track are Hydor fans.

To prevent the build up of carbon monoxide at an indoor track operated by Formula Fast Indoor Karting, seven HV1250 fans have been supplied by Hydor. The fans also expel fumes and stale air cost effectively from the converted warehouse at the Banbury headquarters of Formula Fast.

When Formula Fast first approached Hydor for a competitive solution for the track’s ventilation requirements, Hydor suggested that its single-phase 1.1 kW HV1250 fans, complete with shutter unit, were ideally suited to the task, based on the volume of the spaces involved. These fans can move substantial amounts of air at low pressure with minimal energy consumption.

The fans installed at Banbury are the second largest of four models in the range, which covers diameters from 800 to 2000 mm diameter. They are constructed from galvanised steel with a specially designed stainless-steel impeller. They are available with single- or 3-phase impellers and the option of louvres or guards. They can move up to 12 m3/s of air.

Hydor is now also working with a go-karting track in Belfast, which will see the supply of four HV 1250 belt-drives for energy-efficient ventilation of the building.

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