Ideal Boilers introduces floor-standing condensing boilers

In readiness for higher efficiency levels for commercial boilers expected in the 2005 update of the Building Regulations, Ideal Boilers has added floor-standing condensing boilers to its Imax range. Six boilers provide outputs from 80 to 280 kW, and boilers can be installed in multiple formation to provide larger outputs. Imax Plus boilers are built up from a series of 40 kW models, each with their own burner, ignitors and other components. These modules have a cast-aluminium heat exchanger. Total control of heat output is achieved by each module modulating down to 11.6 kW before being turned off. All boilers can thus reduce their output to 11.6 kW, minimising on/off cycling. In condensing mode at 30% load, an Imax Plus boiler has a nett efficiency of 108.4%. In non-condensing mode, the efficiency is 96.6% nett. For ease of installation, flues can be positioned to the left, right or rear, and system and gas connections can be made on either side. These boilers have Class 5 NOx emissions and noise levels of less than 50 dB(A) at 1 m. Built-in micro-processor controls operate all electrical functions and provide full commissioning and fault diagnostic displays. There is an hours-run meter and BMS control as standard. An outside sensor for weather compensation is supplied with each boiler.
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