Reporting helps identify ways to cut energy use

Energy reports produced by the Desigo building energy management system from the Siemens Building Technologies division can help organisations better manager their energy usage. Desigo Insight is a user-friendly management system through which Desigo energy reports can be run. It can be accessed via the Internet from remote locations, so that a user can remotely access reports and statistics from a number of sites.

Using data from field devices collected by the BEMS, Desigo can display the readings in a format that is easy to understand, enabling users to analyse energy usage and plan energy-improvement measures.

There are templates for generating reports on energy consumption, energy costs, weighted consumption, adjusted heating degree days, energy efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Energy reports can help measure the success of new energy-saving technology and also highlight discrepancies in energy use by highlighting unusual peaks in activity that can indicate faulty equipment or controls having been adjusted. It also enables users with multiple sites to benchmark buildings across their estate.

Staff can see how their actions have resulted in reduced usage.

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