Controlling warm-water underfloor heating

Control of warm-water underfloor heating systems from simple to sophisticated is provided by a specially designed control module from Coster Environmental Systems. The UPT-678 controller provides options from single zone on/off control to full differential or proportional temperature control of multiple zones with data acquisition and transmission and remote control functions. Full remote control can be achieved using a modem such as Coster’s MPD-612. The UPT-678 can control up to five independent zones. Program options include seven on periods a day for two periods a week. The system is monitored by air-temperature controls, which can be set to offer minimum and maximum on and off times for each zone within the overall program. Optimum start can be activated for any zone used with proportional temperature control. Further energy savings are achieved by disabling each zone that is on operating cycle when the outside temperature rises to a preset point. Frost protection is similarly provided.
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