Heat pump is designed for communal ground-source array

Kensa’s Shoebox heat pump is designed to provide space heating and domestic hot water in apartment blocks with a communal ground array. Installations of the system qualify for significant financial support via Phase One funding of the Renewable Heat Incentive, paying up to 4.7 p/kWh.

The Shoebox concept is designed for new-build and retrofit properties with a peak heating load of up to 3.5 kW.

The use of a communal ground array is a novel means of delivering the ground heat exchanger that not only meets the definition of a district-heating scheme but also permits the use of a slightly smaller and less expensive overall ground array because of diversification.

RHI payments are made to the equipment owner, which is likely to be the management company in most cases. Kensa estimates that a Shoebox heat pump providing space heating and DHW for a 2-bedroom apartment would receive an annual RHI payment of about £270 for 20 years.

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