Evaporative cooling slashes temperature in hotel kitchen

Temperatures of up to 45°C in the kitchen of the George Hotel at Dorchester-on-Thames in Oxfordshire have been reduced by around 23°C by a Breezair evaporative-cooling system.
Summer temperatures of 35 to 45°C in a hotel kitchen have been reduced to around 23°C following the installation of Breezair evaporative cooling from Seeley International. Specified by Aircon Services, the Breezair system has dramatically improved conditions for staff in the kitchen of the George Hotel at Dorchester-on-Thames in Oxfordshire. The 53 m2 kitchen previously used an extraction system and open doors to reduce the temperature. Aircon Services carried out a detailed survey. Air conditioning was rejected as inappropriate and prohibitively expensive, and a ventilation system as virtually ineffective. A single Breezair evaporative-cooling unit is installed on a bespoke platform outside the kitchen, and ducted through one of the windows. The system constantly draws in air from outside using a multi-speed fan. This air passes over water-saturated pads to cool it by evaporation before it is circulated throughout the kitchen. Hot air is removed using the existing extraction system. Jonathan Ruiter, a director of Aircon Services, says, ‘In summer, heat sources such as ovens and electrical appliances exacerbate already high ambient temperatures. The Breezair system has proved a cost-effective solution to the excessive summer heat in the kitchen and has the additional advantage of removing odours and preventing the ingress of airborne particles’
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