RAF Museum goes digital for fire-detection system

ADT Fire & Security, fire alarm
Modern standards of fire detection are being provided for the Royal Airforce Museum by a digital system from ADT Fire & Security.

ADT Fire & Security is upgrading the fire-alarm system at the Royal Aircraft Museum in London from an analogue system to its digital Generation 6 Technology. The digital system will provide high levels of protection and significantly reduce maintenance, which, given the sheer size and nature of the site, is extremely difficult to complete.

This museum is the only one in Britain dedicated wholly to aviation. It holds over a hundred aircraft in five themed aircraft halls.

The existing fire-alarm system was originally installed in 1992. As technology has progressed, the analogue system needed to be upgraded. ADT was appointed to undertake the upgrade building by building.

Generation 6 Technology is based on ADT’s MZX Technology and features a remote wireless link built into the device housing for 2-way communication with the 850EMT engineering management tool. This tool enables ADT engineering to adjust the settings and parameters of detectors remotely.

The upgrade includes a VESDA aspirating smoke-detection system in three buildings to detect fires at a very early stage.

Some of the buildings are extremely large with high roof spaces, some with suspended aircraft, so there is no way to quickly or easily access detectors — a problem that is overcome by the VESDA system, which provides access by one central box.

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