Passivent delivers one-stop shop ventilation

Passivent, ventilation
The range of ventilation systems offered by Passivent provided a single-source solution for this care home at Dartmouth.

Passivent has delivered energy-efficient ventilation for a new-build 4-storey dementia care home with 80 bedrooms using a range of its technologies. They include intelligent mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, intelligent mechanical extract ventilation and its Fresh Intellivent continuous assisted-ventilation systems. Cruden Construction is building the home on a former industrial estate in Dartmouth as part of its client’s programme to create a national portfolio of care homes.

Each of the 80 en-suite bathrooms is aired using the iMEV intelligent mechanical extract system. Offices and communal living areas are covered by the GenAiration intelligent mechanical ventilation with heat-recovery system (MVHR). Communal toilets are served by Intellivent systems.

Gareth Whelpton, Passivent sales manager, explains, ‘The combination of systems gave a solution that was simpler and more cost effective to install, yet still complies with all regulatory requirements and the project-specific criteria of minimising energy consumption and user input.’

GenAiration combines the benefits of traditional MVHR with those of demand-controlled humidity-sensitive ventilation. Non-adjustable extract and supply valves eliminate the potential for under- or over-ventilation caused by occupied interference.

The Fresh Intellivent system for wet rooms comprises a low-power extract fan with an automatic moisture-detection function built in to adjust the flow rate as required.

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