Airflow introduces new generation of Loovent

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Airflow’s new Loovent eco fan is based on the million-selling Loovent. It is exceptionally quiet and offers 2-speed intermittent operation up to 31 l/s. Alternatively, setting a switch during installation provides a choice of 5-speed continuous (dMEV) ventilation. They can be installed in any room and form part of a whole-house ventilation strategy.

These fans can be installed in portrait or landscape orientation — either recessed or surface mounted. They are a direct replacement for existing Loovents.

Power consumption is just 2.8 W. Specific fan power is 0.21 W/l/s on low speed and 0.41 W/l/s on high speed — significantly lower than the 0.5 W/l/s for intermittent flow required by the 2010 Building Regulations.

Low-energy DC motors with ball bearings ensure long-term reliability with minimal maintenance. Noise levels are as low as 25 dB(A).

Loovent eco dMAV models are designed to meet the requirements of SAP Appendix Q and feature continuous ventilation operation. At the time of installation a constant flow can be set — 7 l for toilets or 9 l/s for en-suites, bathrooms and utilities. A rate of 16 l/s can be set for kitchens to meet a whole-house decentralised continuous ventilation strategy for dwellings with a low infiltration rate. An on-demand boost speed enables rapid ventilation when required.

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